Friday, December 2, 2016

Candle Day by Day Walk with Jesus and Bible by Juliet David, with Illustrations by Jane Heyes

Candle Day by Day Bible

If you'd like a super quick summary of what I say below for both books(because it's a bit long): Gorgeous illustrations, but make sure you read and compare with God's true Word!

I really like the whole idea of this "Bible". It's made like a flip type calendar, being spiral bound on the top. It has a very sturdy stand, which makes it easy to set on a desk or counter(or wherever you wanted to display it). The stand also folds up, so it can be flat if that's what you need(for moving or storage, etc). The pages aren't that thick, though, and with it being spiral bound, especially on top(making less holes to be torn), I worry about the lasting power of this thing, particularly if little ones are around. It's labeled for 5-7, but as far as content, I think it would be nice for younger children, too. It's a bit simple for older children.

It appears that this is actually a desk version of the Day by Day Bible, so if you have that version, this one would simply make it easier to keep in sight every day.

You turn the page each day and get a new picture and a new part of a "story". It's a nice and easy way to get a little extra Bible in each day. Of course it doesn't cover every single event from the real Bible, but it's great for little ones. Just to make sure we're clear, no, I wouldn't recommend this as a lone Bible source. It's a nice little supplement, though!

I would have liked each page to have the Bible verses it was summarized from to have been included. This would have made it a better option for older children, too. They could read each day's page, similar to a devotional, and then read the Bible verses associated with it. That way they could fill in the details and compare for themselves between God's Word and the summary, all while getting great visuals, which I think are perfectly lovely. That said, it is easy enough to find the real events within the Bible by searching ahead of time. Having it included would have just made it easier on me, though.

(Just to give you an example of exactly why I highly recommend reading alongside God's Word, and never taking the word of us imperfect humans: This book says that Moses wrote God's "rules"(The Ten Commandments). God's Word makes it clear, repeatedly, that God wrote on those tablets Himself. (Exodus 31:18, 32:15-16, and 34:1) (I have to admit that Exodus 34:27 does make things a bit confusing, but I'm still left with the same conclusion when I add verse 28.) I relied on other people's summaries too often in my younger days, and even into years too recently. I'm still learning, and I won't claim to be able to pick out everything that's wrong with summary books like this. I still get things wrong and I still miss things that are wrong! This is just one event that I commonly compare, and it's frequently wrong within books. There's almost always something like this within books, so be careful. They're useful, IF used with the REAL thing, though, and more than anything I enjoy the variety of illustrations.)

I also like that the pages are numbered, as opposed to dated. You can start using it any day of the year. You don't have to start on January 1st, and I like that freedom.

Overall, it's really nice, if you think the spiral part of the page will survive your children, and you use it WITH the real Bible.

Candle Day by Day with Jesus: Read the Story of Jesus in 40 Days

I can mostly say the same things about this book.

This  one is in regular book form, though it is a little smaller than the average book. Each page gets a brief "story", along with a Bible verse(from a wide variety of versions). I like that the Bible verse gives you a reference, though not exact, to go straight to the Bible for comparison and extra details. Each page also has a question or informational sentence. It starts with "Day 1" and continues from there. You can also start this on any day of the year, and finish it any day you want.

The illustrations in this book are also done by Jane Heyes. The ones in this book are actually within the Day by Day Bible, too. Again, though, I really love the illustrations and think they are beautiful!

Both of these are nice for devotional type books, done alongside God's Word, for younger children. It would be a great way to give them a little independence, of course with discussion afterwards with the parent(s). They're also great for quick little devotionals done with parents for younger little ones.

*I was given free copies of both books.

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