Thursday, June 2, 2016

Visual Theology by Tim Challies and Josh Byers

My Thoughts:

Overall, I hate to say that I was disappointed in this book.

As far as the written content, which is most of the book, it's written by Tim Challies. I think most people out there have heard of him, and received some wisdom from him. I have myself. That said, I'm not "Reformed", as he makes himself well known as. I am a Christian, plain and simple, and I am a member of the church that Jesus Christ established in the New Testament. We disagree on many things, particularly in the area of Salvation and baptism. Would I give this book to a new Christian or someone contemplating becoming a Christian? Absolutely NOT! I couldn't do that in good conscience.

For myself, there are good reminders in here, and I'm perfectly fine reading books in which I don't agree with everything within it. I do it a great deal, and I've received immense amounts of wisdom from others that call themselves "reformed". It's recommending those books to others that starts getting harder. This book almost comes off like a beginner's guide to Christianity. It summarizes a great deal of topics within the world of Christianity. Since I disagree on the way Salvation is said to be obtained in this case, of course I can't recommend it to others. *IF* I agreed with the author, it'd be a decent book to give to a new Christian. I don't, though.

The part of the book that I was most curious about was the visual part. I guess I was expecting more in that department, though. Men and women are different in the visual realm, and I do feel like more men, in general, will like the visual aspect of this book, in comparison to women. I'd prefer beautiful pictures, and enjoy a wide variety of them. Within this book there are graphics, not illustrations or what I'd consider pictures, that I don't even connect with what they are trying to portray. They are simple, yet bright, but they didn't grab me at all. Also, there wasn't near as much in the visual department as I was expecting. It's mostly words in this book, which I find greatly disappointing considering the title!

In the end, I do regret getting this book *as one to review*. I was expecting it to be more about the visuals than it was, and had I known it was more of an "introduction to Christianity" type book, with mostly words, I would have passed. This isn't a book I can recommend, in good conscience, and I was disappointed in the graphics. My issues won't be issues for most, though, so take what you want from that. ;)

*I was provided a review copy, in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Well, I can see why you wouldn't have necessarily liked it or connected with it. I can see how I could (assuming that I am "seeing" something in the book). The title is a curious one and made me wonder what they meant by "visual" theology but it sounds like not a lot of sense was made out of that which would make this Intro to Christianity book stand out above the rest. I probably wouldn't go seek it out just for the read of it, but I also could bet that I'd like it a bit more than you did. Hadn't heard of this book before so thanks for the heads up and a bit of information. It was useful to me!