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Trim Healthy Mama Plan: The Easy-Does-It Approach to Vibrant Health and a Slim Waistline by Pearl Barrett and Serene Allison


Harmony (September 15, 2015) 338 pages


Forget the Fad Diets, Join the Food Freedom Movement

Counting calories is out. All the food groups are in. Becoming trim and healthy doesn't have to be difficult or painstaking anymore. After trying almost every fad diet out there, Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett, creators of the Trim Healthy Mama movement, took matters into their own hands. Through trial and error and much research, they created the TRIM HEALTHY MAMA PLAN, the breakthrough lifestyle program to help readers of all ages and stages get healthy, slim down and keep off the weight once and for all.

Based on the authors’ successful self-published book, this simplified, improved, practical plan shows readers a unique way to lose weight and get healthy by eliminating sugar, and still eating hearty, delicious food. The biblically-sound and highly effective eating approach centers on Satisfying meals (which include more fats and protein) and Energizing meals (which include more carbs and protein), as they are the key to success. Scrumptious whole, unprocessed foods, including fats, blood sugar friendly grains, proteins, fruits, and vegetables, are eaten in a way that boosts metabolism, yet still fits into anyone’s hectic lifestyle. It’s family friendly and effective for pregnant and nursing mothers, pre or post- menopausal women, and also those without weight or health issues—even men and growing children.

The book includes menu plans, a list of key super foods to eat on plan, time-saving tips, and pantry stocking and lifestyle advice to help readers successfully reach their goals.

Join the Trim Healthy Mama movement and along with thousands of others, discover the groundbreaking, easy-does-it, and delicious way to eat for health and weight loss.

My Thoughts:

Long post warning!

At the end of October, I reviewed the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. Really, though, the cookbook doesn't do you much good without knowing about the plan. I immediately requested the plan book, Trim Healthy Mama Plan, afterwards.

First, I'll tell you a bit about my journey so far. Before my scales got broken by a sweet little boy, they were telling me I had already lost 15 pounds. I'd be happier if my clothes were fitting different, but I have so far to go, 15 pounds is only the tip of the iceberg. I'm EXCITED about those lost pounds, either way, though, especially in such a short amount of time. This is the beginning of my journey and I'm happy I'm finally along for the ride, instead of sitting in my sugar obsessed life.

I've taken baby steps with the plan. Sugar was my most difficult step, which is why I did it first and focused on nothing else until I succeeded in this area. There was some trial and error, mainly revolving around caffeine. I NEED it, y'all! ;) Plus, my taste buds had a hard time adjusting to Stevia. I'm grateful to say that bad sugar is gone from my life now, and I don't want anything to do with it. I've even mostly kept my fruit intake in the berry range for now. I told Jonathan it was like a fog had been lifted from my brain, and I see just how addicted to it I was, and just how damaging it was to my body. I still have sweet cravings occasionally, but not enough to eat the sugar. (Note: There are plenty of recipes for sweet things. I haven't tried any of them yet, since I haven't splurged on the "Super Sweet" and "Gentle Sweet" blends the ladies have, and which most recipes call for. I hope to soon, though!)

Next, I worked at cutting out the soy products that I was relying on way too much. Unhealthy breads were next to go, and I'm now at the stage of fixing my meals in the recommended way, which revolves around protein, fats, carbohydrates, and non-starchy fruits/vegetables. (That process is described a bit more in the description up top.) As a vegetarian, this has been a little challenging at times, but I'm grateful for the extra help from other Trim Healthy Mamas, mainly from Pinterest posts.

So, the plan works! To God be the glory that I'm finally trying to get healthy! :D

Now about the plan and the ladies behind it.

I'm thrilled that I've had the opportunity to get to know Pearl and Serene through their books. They're humorous, and so very encouraging. They have tons of tips for success, and you can tell they're rooting for you to succeed. They also have health in mind, over weight loss, though that will most likely happen. They want us to take care of our bodies, and they describe several super foods that will help on the journey to health.

At first I was turned off by the fact that they had specialty foods for sale at their website. I felt like I'd been suckered into a money making scheme. The more I read, though, the less I felt this way, and it truly seems like they've tried to give us the best options for the least amount of money. I haven't bought any of the specialty products yet, but after Christmas, I DO hope to work an item here and there into the budget.

I was also a bit turned off by the fact that it doesn't seem overly vegetarian friendly at first, but so far I've been able to work around this part. I've been experimenting with cooking way more than I have in a long time, and my Grasshopper has made sure to compliment me plenty on my efforts. ;) I've actually had fun with it, and I'm cooking most things from scratch now. There's been some failures(sweet potato oatmeal soup...blech!) and some successes(cauliflower crusted grilled cheese...yum!).

I do love that with this plan, it's easy to cook the same thing for my children, and just add a little something extra to make sure they don't lose weight(like extra fats or breads and I DO make meat for them). We're all starting to eat better, though, and I'm grateful to God and to Pearl and Serene.

I could gush on and on, but I really do highly recommend this plan. It has already been a dramatic change for us, and I can't imagine that anyone would regret it, especially if you've been relying on junk food too much and/or have weight to lose.

(Lord willing, I'll keep y'all updated on my journey!):D

*I was provided a review copy, in exchange for my honest opinion.


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  1. And now I'm reminded that I owe you an e-mail. :X (WHOOPS! SO SORRY!)

    Anyway, I really appreciate this post and hearing what it is that you have to share about it. I think I really, really like your method of eliminating sugar first. I really need to be about the business of doing the same thing. (I've declared this week sugar free and it's actually not THAT hard...until the craving hits.) Anyway. Clearly I struggle with this and I do rather like the somewhat common sense (so it seems) approach to these ladis' plan. Ok, ok, ok, if you like it and say it works I think I'm in....

  2. P.S. AH! I just went to Amazon to check on the price and its (finally) reasonable! I remember when I first looked at the price for their book I was thinking it was just too expensive for an experiment. But for $12 I'll buy -- and did buy! THANKS for your review and explanation of your own experiment. I'm going to do what you did with the sugar bit and then read this book and see where I feel I ought to begin putting into practice. Minus sweet potato oatmeal soup. ;)

    1. I'm sorry I took so long with my copy! I kept having to make more notes, and I've did it slowly so far. :/ But, I'm glad you're going to give it a try! That will keep me encouraged, too! :D Of all the people I've ever been acquainted with(even if we've never met), I would guess you'd like it the best.

  3. I'm working on implementing this plan into my life as well. I have a lot to lose, and some serious will-power to develop, but I have some hope! :) Good review.

    1. Yay! The more people I know working on this plan, the better my motivation will be. :D I have a LONG way to go. I'll be praying for your success!

  4. Fifteen pounds is nothing to laugh at! Go girl!