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Kika the Upside Down Girl by Jessica Tudos(With Author Interview and GIVEAWAY!!!!)

Book Description:

Kika always seems to accomplish things differently than others and tends to get into trouble for it. She reminds us that choosing to be different is more than okay, and finding others to join in her upside down adventures makes her heart feel huge - especially when it involves somersaults, vaults, flips and kips! Join Kika, a girl who loves living upside down in a right side up world, on her unique journey to a fliptastic world! Kika reminds us that choosing to be different is more than okay, and finding others to join in her upside down adventures feels fliptastic - especially when it involves somersaults, vaults, flips and kips in the Gymnastics Emporium!


My Thoughts:

Kika is a little girl that loves doing EVERYTHING upside down. Her parents don't understand, and worry about her. Kika discovers something that allows her to put her love of being upside down to use, though.

I don't know that I've ever read a book about gymnastics, either by myself or to my boys, so this book definitely fills a need in the world of children's books. I'm not a gymnast myself, or ever been one, but I know it is a sport loved by many little girls and boys. I'm thrilled that they now have a special book that they can connect with concerning their sport.

The illustrations are the artwork of Mike Motz. I think they're fun and sweet, and energetic.

This is a perfect book for any little gymnast in your life!

*I was provided an e-copy, in exchange for my honest opinion.


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Kika the Upside-Down Girl


Author's Bio:

Olympic gymnast turned author, motivational speaker and experiential educator Jessica Tudos ( is on a mission to empower kids, youth and adults to develop the confidence and resiliency required to lead active, healthy and creative lives. In organizations around the world, Jessica empowers audiences through engaging stories, insights & reflections drawn from her upside down life, including her Olympic gymnastics adventures. Jessica is a sought after speaker, facilitator and professor in experiential education, physical literacy, leadership & elite sports.

Interview with Jessica Tudos:

1. What motivated you to write Kika The Upside-Down Girl?

The real “get off my bum and do this” came when I started reading to my son. I realized that there were no picture books with a strong gymnast character in them, so I figured I could actually do something about it – if not me, then who? I considered writing a book about a little boy upside down, but as they say, “write what you know,” so moving forward I decided that Kika (my nickname growing up), was going to be the main character!

2. How has writing this book changed you?

An interesting thing happened with the release of this, my first, kids story. As I shared Kika’s empowering story with many kids and adults, my work shifted too. I realized Kika was an inspirational force for everyone, affecting how I teach college, motivate audiences through speaking gigs and parenting my son. Like Kika, we all need to feel confident in who we are and what we love to do, no matter what others think.

3. How did Kika the Upside-Down Girl get published?

After running a successful 10K crowdfunding campaign to initially self-publish the book, I started sharing Kika’s message at many events, including Toronto’s annual Reading for the Love of It Conference. After Domnizelles Publishing CEO Genevieve Rossignol read my story at the event, she acquired Kika the Upside-Down Girl and we are now working together to extend Kika’s message far and wide.

4. Inspired by Kika the Upside-Down Girl, what is the FL!P Approach you talk about?

As a motivational speaker and educator, I inspire kids, youth and adults to build the confidence, resilience and courage they need to lead more active and creative lives. I realized that my work could resonate more powerfully if broken down into four practical FL!P steps. The process is: First – Find your passion, commit to it and own it; Last – What do you want to achieve? What does success look and feel like? Go there; In-between – How will you get there? What is the process and plan? Hard work involved; Plus – What support do you need? Who can Help? I use this process to empower learners of all ages to be successful and inspired to keep learning.

5. What other points in your life have competed with the high of representing your country at the Olympics?

I was 15 so it was a much different experience then adult experiences. Other major high points in my life include traveling and working around the world in over 40 countries, becoming a mom at 41 and publishing my very own children’s book that I can hold and read to my son!

6. What advice would you give other budding kids authors?

If you have a story idea there is a way to do it! I think what really helped me was to imagine reading my book to actual kids and parents, educators, coaches, etc, - real people in real time. Imagining my son’s reaction was a big motivator, I want him to know that his mom did it, and you can do it too. Stay the course when the going gets tough; people are waiting for your story!

7. What is your next book project?

I am definitely thinking about a follow up to Kika the Upside-Down Girl! Many people have asked me what happens once Kika finds her “home” in the Gymnastic Emporium – now what? I am currently brainstorming ideas about what challenges, adventures and successes Kika might explore next…I also have a vision of writing an adult picture book on resilience so we will see!


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  1. Thanks for the fliptastic review. SPOLIER ALERT: Other handstanding words included in this somersualtilicious story!

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  2. I love collecting books for Evie's collection! This one seems unique.