Monday, June 15, 2015

John Shaw's Guide to Digital Nature Photography


Photography legend John Shaw returns with his much-anticipated guide to digital nature photography, complete with more than 250 extraordinarily beautiful photographs.

For over four decades, John Shaw’s authentic voice and trusted advice has helped photographers achieve impressive shots in the great outdoors. In his first-ever book on digital photography, Shaw provides in-depth advice on everything from equipment and lenses to thorough coverage of digital topics including how to use the histogram. In addition, he offers inspirational and frank insight that goes far beyond the nuts and bolts of photography, explaining that successful photos come from having a vision, practicing, and then acquiring the equipment needed to accomplish the intention. Easily digestible and useful for every type of photographer, and complete with more than 250 jaw-dropping images, John Shaw’s Guide to Digital Nature Photography is the one book you’ll need to beautifully capture the world around you.

My Thoughts:

I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to photography. I'm showing that with this review! I just have a plain digital camera that I'm trying to learn to use better. I want to learn how to take better pictures of my family and just the little moments in life. I don't have expensive equipment, and have no intentions of getting it any time soon. I'll be honest with you and tell you I feel completely UNqualified to review this book, which is why I've held on to it for much longer than I should have. I thought it would be a bit more on the basic side. Jonathan got me a new camera this past Valentine's day, and I realized that I don't overly know what I'm doing, even though it is a simple digital camera. Also, I had plans for Grasshopper and Firefly to use my old one a bit during their nature lessons and walks. Should they want to learn more down the road, I wanted to have a bit more knowledge on the subject, too. Though I believe this book is on the beginner level, and there really is great advice in here, a large amount of it went right over my head. It'll be one I'll revisit down the road when I've learned a bit more of the basics.

The topics covered are:

Getting Started
The Photographer at Work

Despite being over my head, I have more than enjoyed looking at the gorgeous photos within the book. There's a puffin(two pictures, though I don't know if it's the same bird or not) that I have just sat and stared at multiple times. They're just beautiful birds and beautiful pictures. Even if the photography advice ends up being a bit over your head, the pictures still make the book worth hanging onto.

Again, though, I want to dedicate a bit more time to learning the basics, and I'll gladly revisit this book.

*I was provided a review copy, in exchange for my honest opinion.


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John Shaw's Guide to Digital Nature Photography


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  1. I would love to check out this book! I could use some tips on landscape photography. It's my favorite, but I struggle a bit with finding the right focus points. :)