Monday, March 2, 2015

I Can Learn the Bible: 52 Scriptures Every Kid Should Know by Holly Hawkins Shivers


Memory verses and devotions that will write God’s word on your children’s hearts.

In this 52-week devotional for children, author Holly Hawkins Shivers adapts the gift book The Joshua Code (written by her father, O.S. Hawkins) into a devotional that will help kids learn and live the scriptures. Using kid-friendly language, I Can Learn the Bible teaches scriptures in a way children can understand. Each week, kids will commit a new scripture to memory by reading a fun, engaging devotional that’s doable for a child. Matthew 7:7 will remind kids to always ask God for help. Philippians 1:6 will teach them that God is always working in their lives. And 50 more scriptures will continue to write the truth on their hearts so that they will remember it forever.

Parents using the gift book will love using the kids’ book as a discussion tool for the entire family. A great gift for baptisms, confirmations, and any special occasion, I Can Learn the Bible includes clever tips for memorizing scripture. Each new day and each new verse will reinforce to young readers that “God’s Word is FOR ME and TO ME, it is IN ME and working THROUGH ME, and just like His love, it goes on and on forever!”

My Thoughts:

Bible memory is something that we are greatly lacking in our home. I know I need to memorize more verses, so that I can turn to them more easily during times of extra stress, especially when "mean mommy" is coming through. I want my children to get a good head start on memorization. Still, it's something that I don't fit into our days on a regular basis.

I thought this book would be a good fit for us, and help encourage me to work on Bible memory more often. I really like the approach of this book. It uses the Joshua Code method(which is new to me), only on a level for children. Each week, we get a new memory verse, with a devotional to help us retain the verses in our minds. Each verse is broken down into parts, mostly with questions and mini devotionals. There's a prayer at the end of each week. Some of the verses are a bit long for my little ones right now. I'm all for challenging little ones, but there's quite a few that will get pushed until the end, or down the road a bit longer. While these devotionals are set up in a specific order, you can skip around. The targeted age group is 4-8, but I think older children can benefit, too.

There's cute pictures throughout, which I believe will appeal to children and mommies like me. :)

Overall, this is a sweet devotional book that helps promote Bible memory.

*I was provided a review copy, in exchange for my honest opinion.


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I Can Learn the Bible: The Joshua Code for Kids: 52 Devotions and Scriptures for Kids


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