Monday, February 2, 2015

"Knowing My God" Series Starter Set (With DISCOUNT CODE!!!)


Graham Blanchard – the only publishing house that specializes in board books to help parents teach their kids about God from infancy – is releasing a new book set that aims to teach kids the basics about God’s heart and character.

The “Knowing my God Series Starter Set” releases on Feb. 2, 2015 and includes three titles: Jesus Invites Me, based on Matthew 11:28 – 30, Jesus Shows Me, based on John 15: 9 – 14. and Jesus Saves Me, based on John 10: 14 – 16. These books aim to help kids make a personal connection with the words of Jesus, even from infancy. A keepsake book band holds the set together, which offers thinking and drawing activities for reflection.

These books are Learn books from Graham Blanchard’s unique Learn, Absorb & Praise™ categories. Learn books offer three levels of exploration: A quoted Bible passage, real-world photographs and supportive text to relate the passage’s meaning to a child’s everyday life. Also included is a parent guide, which offers tips for involving a baby, toddler and child, so the book can be used in different ways as the child grows.

This is the second gift set Graham Blanchard has released that includes a selection of their eight published titles, all of which have been well received by outlets like Publishers Weekly, Foreword Reviews, CBA Retailers and Resources, and more than 50 websites and blogs written by Christian parents. Graham Blanchard books were recently picked by the national chain Family Christian, and three of their titles will be sold in the 260 stores across the country.

Beyond books, Graham Blanchard provides online resources for parents, like their virtual prayer wall and downloadable pamphlet, Five Things for the First Five Years: A Parent’s Guide for Growing Up in God, which maps out key areas of focus for moms and dads during the early formidable years. They also have downloadable tip sheets to go along with each of their books to help parents connect the text to a child’s everyday life and start meaningful conversations. This year Graham Blanchard also launched their Mom Mentor panel, comprised of popular bloggers and authors who answer a new faith and parenting question each month.

The company was founded by Callie Grant, a mother who has a strong calling to help children know God’s love and nurture their families’ faith through reading together. Graham Blanchard is a culmination of Grant’s experience in the publishing industry, working for companies like Scholastic and Dorling Kindersely.

Graham Blanchard Inc. is based in Austin, Texas, with a growing team of writers, editors, illustrators, parents and pastors. The company is passionate about providing the highest quality books and resources to promote a love of learning about God, in addition to supporting families with prayer and the shared experiences of other parents. Their books are distributed by STL, Spring Arbor and Anchor Distributors and represented by McLemore/Hollern & Associates. For more information please visit


We've had the chance to take peek at several of the books from Graham Blanchard, and we love them. They're just beautiful(and sturdy) little books for conversation starters and learning.

This starter set consists of 3 books.

Jesus Invites Me

Jesus Shows Me

(See my review here for both books, along with a couple of the other Graham Blanchard books.)

Jesus Saves Me

(See my review here, also along with a couple of the other Graham Blanchard books.)

Also, keep in mind that there are all kinds of resources available at Graham Blanchard's website!




If you'd like to add these books to your library, use this code(BRH15), and you can get 15% off through April 30th. This is good for any of the Graham Blanchard products, but if you'd like all 3 of the featured books, the "starter set" is cheaper, AND comes with a parent guide.


Has your family read(and enjoyed) any Graham Blanchard books yet? I'd love to hear about your experience with them! :D


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