Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Made by God: Weird and Wonderful Creations

About the Book:

Weird and Wonderful Creations is a bind up of the nonfiction Made By God series. With photos and facts showing children the wonders of God’s creation, this collection includes four complete early reader titles as well as over 200 additional facts throughout the book. Some of the creatures featured include whales, tarantulas, bats, sea turtles, and more. All facts align with the Common Core Standards for informational reading for young readers.

Weird and Wonderful Creations includes:

Spiders, Snakes, Bees and Bats
Big Bugs, Little Bugs
Sea Creatures
Poisonous, Smelly, and Amazing Plants

My Rating: 5/5 stars

My Thoughts:

Zondervan has been reprinting these "Made by God" easy reader books into "treasuries", which contain 4 books in 1.

Grasshopper LOVES these books! We've spent a huge amount of time within their pages. He had already fallen in love with the Curious Creatures treasury, so he's been thrilled to have this one on our shelves, too. They are full of facts, so even I learn new things. There's also lots of pictures. Grasshopper is FULL of questions these days, and these books provide tons of learning opportunities for him, and fill his mind with even more questions to ask.

In this particular book, we're learning about some of God's more unusual creations, like the Venus Fly Trap and fireflies. We have a "bug jar" that we regularly put creatures in to observe and do some research on before letting them back into nature. The Wheel Bug and Preying Mantis have been the most fascinating so far. Feed a preying mantis a grasshopper and you'll find yourself both fascinated and disturbed! The giant garden spider that has been living outside our living room window the past couple of months has been pretty fascinating, too, especially since she's been a HUGE help in the wasp department. Creatures similar to those are found in this book, so it's a new little research book for when we have a creature in the bug jar(or outside our window). I've found myself fascinated as we learn, right along with Grasshopper.

The best part is the constant mention of God and HIS creations. I always edit and try to add in God when I'm reading from "evolution" books, but it's nice to not have to do that within the pages of these books. It's like I can relax more as we read and browse through these books. (As much as one can relax with questions flying around at 60 per minute.) ;)

I have no hesitations recommending these "Made by God" books for your curious little ones! We can't wait for more!

*I was provided a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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