Thursday, August 21, 2014

Voyage of the Vikings by Paul McCusker and Marianne Hering

Voyage with the Vikings (AIO Imagination Station Books Book 1) by Paul McCusker and Marianne Hering

My Thoughts:

We're officially homeschooling Grasshopper(5, almost 6) now, and I'm looking for gentle ways to add history lessons into his days. (We're mainly using History Stories for Children, as a Charlotte Mason recommendation, but I'd like to teach/learn about other people/places/time periods, too.) I've read one of the books in the Imagination Station series in the past, and I thought I remembered it having a little history lesson intertwined in the story. Since I had access to the first 3 books, and they count for the Summer Reading Program, I decided to test them out, and see if it looked like something Grasshopper could handle. (You should be seeing the next 2 books flow through my blog in the next couple of days.)

I'm actually pretty thrilled that I think he will enjoy them now. They are full of action and there is a little mini lesson in history. Really, it just touches on the person/place, but I think it will make a wonderful introduction for a deeper study. As you would guess, in Voyage of the Vikings, we are transported through time to Greeenland, and meet Erik the Red and Leif Eriksson. This is a very short read for young readers, so there isn't really anything touched on in depth, but again, it's a nice introduction to the world of Vikings.

Overall, I'm excited to try these out with Grasshopper! I just checked and my local library doesn't have them, so we may have to buy a book a month. :D (My copies were from my kindle/PDF, and I prefer real paper copies when reading to the boys.)

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