Thursday, June 19, 2014

Children's Books From Peachtree Publishers

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out a few children's books from Peachtree Publishers through Netgalley. The formatting of children's books through netgalley are often strange. It means pictures don't line up with the words, and random sentences will be placed here and there. It gives me a chance to see if it's a book I'd like to read with my children, but with the e-ARC version, it makes it pretty impossible to actually read with them. (I HAVE attempted with some of the books, but generally, it's just too confusing for my little ones.)

All of that to say, these titles have NOT been tested on my little ones.

First up, Pig and Small by Alex Latimer

This is a cute book with bright pictures. It's about a "big" pig and a "small" bug trying to make the most of their friendship, despite their difference in sizes. I think my boys would really enjoy it! (Note: This one doesn't release until August.)

Next, The Grudge Keeper by Mara Rockliff, with illustrations by Eliza Wheeler

I liked this book so much, especially with it's beautiful pictures, that I'd gladly add it to my own little collection. It's about a town that writes their grudges against each other on a piece of paper and gives it to "the grudge keeper". I loved the gorgeous illustrations, and the story has a great message. I honestly don't think my boys(5,3, and 1) would overly appreciate it at the moment, but maybe down the road a bit(because I hope we always keep picture books around!). It's a lovely book, though!

And lastly, Claude on the Slopes by Alex T. Smith

This was such an odd little book that I couldn't help but like it. It's about a dog, named Claude, and his adventures on the slopes. His friend, Sir Bobblysock, comes along for the ride. Sir Bobblysock is a pair of socks(that wears earmuffs in this adventure). It was so ridiculous, I snickered several times. The fact that Claude pulls things out of his hat was pretty ridiculous, too. Maybe it was because of all the ridiculousness, but I loved this little story.

I'm excited that Claude on the Slopes is actually part of a series. I liked it well enough that I have plans on getting the books in this series to read with my boys. (I'm looking forward to seeing more of Claude's adventures myself!) I very much think they will enjoy Claude's adventures, and I imagine there will be lots of giggles.

*Thank you to Netgalley and Peachtree Publishers for providing me with e-ARCs of all 3 books, in exchange for my honest opinion!


  1. I love children's books! =) They are often just really sweet and light and relaxing to read, even as an older teen :).

    1. Exactly! You can't beat the innocent, inspiring world of children's books! :)

  2. These look adorable! I don't like to read eARC of children`s books. It somehow takes away from the whole experience for some of the reasons you mentioned in this post.

  3. Sounds like wonderful reads! I'll have to find a copy of the Grudge Keeper. :)