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Summer Activities for Adventures in Odyssey Fans


Summer is officially here! Don't let your kids' boredom run rampant. Adventures in Odyssey is here to save the day. Below are some must-try ideas for summer fun! Want even more summer fun? For the month of June, you can join the Odyssey Adventure Club for only $5! More details can be found here.

Summer Activities

As a parent you are probably a big proponent of reading. Encourage your kids to dig into a book or two this summer with Adventures in Odyssey's On Your Marks Summer Reading Challenge. Bonus points if YOU create a reading challenge for yourself as you read along with your kids!

Looking for something hands-on? Create Matthew in 3-D! Invite a few of your kids' friends over for a play date, print off the activity sheet, and let them have at it for the afternoon (with the promise of cookies and lemonade once they've finished constructing Matthew).

Maybe your kids aren't into reading, but they love math. If that's the case, have them solve Eugene's Sudoku!

The laundry needs to be done; the dishes need to be put away. But your kids are begging you to take them out to the zoo. Let them take a whack at Matthew's Decoder in the morning, then make an agreement that if they figure out how to use the decoder, you'll take them on an afternoon adventure. That'll give you the morning to finish up your to-do list!


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Horse Dreams by Dandi Daley Mackall

Horse Dreams (Backyard Horses Book 1) by Dandi Daley Mackall

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (August 17, 2011) 160 pages

My Rating: 3/5 stars

My Thoughts:

Honestly, I only picked this one up, because it counts toward the Tyndale Summer Reading Program and I had access to it. I'm usually test reading books in the "boy" realm for future reading possibilities for my boys. Every once in awhile, I try out some "girl" reads, though.

This book is about Ellie and her dream of owning a horse. A beautiful, black stallion, to be exact. She's begged and cried and prayed for one for years. Ellie gets a lesson that prayers aren't always answered in the way we imagined them.

I don't know where this book falls in the series, but I feel like so many more details are probably filled in through the rest of the books, though it does read fine as a standalone. As you would expect from the title and cover, this book really is a great deal about horses. If your child doesn't care for them, this probably isn't the best choice. I imagine Christian fans of horses will love it, though!

I enjoyed the sign language addition to the story. Ellie's brother is deaf, and sign language is used. The chapter titles are even in sign language(along with words). There's a sign language alphabet chart in the back, along with a dictionary of the "horse" words used throughout the story.

I do have a few complaints. It's mentioned different times that the mom is WAY taller than the dad. I love this part! I think it's awesome to see that parents/couples don't always have to fit a mold. ((two thumbs up for that part)) BUT, I feel like the dad should have been given a backbone. At one point, the mom has to step up and "save" him when he's scared of a certain man. I was disappointed he wasn't created to be stronger, considering this is a Christian series. Also, I didn't care for the gossiping that went on within the story. There is one point that Ellie leaves where she's supposed to be, asking her friend to lie for her. She walks alone in the dark during this "adventure". There are no consequences, whatsoever, and that's just not okay!

If you can overlook those parts, this is a sweet and funny little story, and I really enjoyed it!

Misery Loves Company by Rene Gutteridge

Amazon Purchase Link: Misery Loves Company by Rene Gutteridge

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (July 22, 2013) 365 pages

My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Thoughts:

This is now the 3rd book of Gutteridge's that I've read, and they've all been very(very) different from each other. (Of course, 2 of them were co-authored, with 2 different authors, so I'm sure that made some difference.) Either way, I think it's safe to say I'm now officially a fan of hers, especially since I've been on the hunt for more of her works.

Misery Loves Company is one of those books that you need to go into, like me, without any clue what will happen. Just let the story unfold as you go! I'm not even going to put a description anywhere in my "review", because I sincerely believe that's the best way to go with this story.

Misery Loves Company is a story that has really made me think. After closing the page, I didn't leave the story behind. It's made me think about the way I read books, what kind of books I read, my blogging, my reviews, and social media, in general. In many ways, it was a wake up call for me, which I need regularly. (sadly) I'm not eloquent with my words, and I don't always have to right words to describe my thoughts and feelings, but reading this book has challenged me to try harder. (even if there was a moment or two when I wanted to shut down my blog and hide in shame) Really, there are multiple layers within the pages of this book. There's the story itself, but so much more underneath. It's a unique read in the world of Christian fiction! I know without a description all that probably makes no sense, but maybe that will make you curious enough to give it a try. ;)

Just a few things to note. This is NOT a romance. It is a bit suspenseful at times, and a bit mysterious, yet it wasn't too much for me(and I'm a wimp). There was one point I thought I was going to have to put the book down, because of my tendency to get scared and have nightmares. I was too far invested, though, and kept reading. I'm glad I did!

The only negative I'm left with is concerning one of the main characters. I'm still a little confused, maybe just undecided, concerning him. There were definitely some issues that needed taken care of with him, but he leaves the story in somewhat of a shadow.

Overall, I greatly enjoyed this book, and I have no hesitations whatsoever recommending it to y'all! It would make an excellent book club pick, in my opinion! If I ever join one in "real life", I think Misery Loves Company would be my first pick!

*Thanks to my local library for lending me an e-copy!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Children's Books From Peachtree Publishers

Recently, I had the opportunity to check out a few children's books from Peachtree Publishers through Netgalley. The formatting of children's books through netgalley are often strange. It means pictures don't line up with the words, and random sentences will be placed here and there. It gives me a chance to see if it's a book I'd like to read with my children, but with the e-ARC version, it makes it pretty impossible to actually read with them. (I HAVE attempted with some of the books, but generally, it's just too confusing for my little ones.)

All of that to say, these titles have NOT been tested on my little ones.

First up, Pig and Small by Alex Latimer

This is a cute book with bright pictures. It's about a "big" pig and a "small" bug trying to make the most of their friendship, despite their difference in sizes. I think my boys would really enjoy it! (Note: This one doesn't release until August.)

Next, The Grudge Keeper by Mara Rockliff, with illustrations by Eliza Wheeler

I liked this book so much, especially with it's beautiful pictures, that I'd gladly add it to my own little collection. It's about a town that writes their grudges against each other on a piece of paper and gives it to "the grudge keeper". I loved the gorgeous illustrations, and the story has a great message. I honestly don't think my boys(5,3, and 1) would overly appreciate it at the moment, but maybe down the road a bit(because I hope we always keep picture books around!). It's a lovely book, though!

And lastly, Claude on the Slopes by Alex T. Smith

This was such an odd little book that I couldn't help but like it. It's about a dog, named Claude, and his adventures on the slopes. His friend, Sir Bobblysock, comes along for the ride. Sir Bobblysock is a pair of socks(that wears earmuffs in this adventure). It was so ridiculous, I snickered several times. The fact that Claude pulls things out of his hat was pretty ridiculous, too. Maybe it was because of all the ridiculousness, but I loved this little story.

I'm excited that Claude on the Slopes is actually part of a series. I liked it well enough that I have plans on getting the books in this series to read with my boys. (I'm looking forward to seeing more of Claude's adventures myself!) I very much think they will enjoy Claude's adventures, and I imagine there will be lots of giggles.

*Thank you to Netgalley and Peachtree Publishers for providing me with e-ARCs of all 3 books, in exchange for my honest opinion!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Sunflower Blogger Award

Amber @ Seasons of Humility very sweetly passed this award on to me. Thank you again, Amber! :)

The rules:

Share 11 facts about yourself.
Answer 11 questions(provided by the award giver)
Then, ask some bloggers 11 new questions as you pass along the award.

11 Facts About Me:

1. Especially lately, I'm taking the idea of minimalism much more seriously. A whole lot of stuff has left our house! I'm very happy about this. Though it has mostly passed now that home repairs are just about done, I went through a spell where I wanted to sell our house, pack up our few belongings, and travel in an RV. Seriously! I tried to pass the phase with minimalistic fiction. (still taking recommendations if you have any!)

2. I HATE the taste of sweet bread/cornbread, EXCEPT Hawaiian bread. I could eat it with spinach dip all day. (Even through school as a child, I would never eat the sweet yeast rolls that came with lunch.)

3. I find it oddly very fun to catch flies on a fly trap. When they're landing on my babies on the porch, I grab a sticky roll and hang it nearby, and count how many I've caught every few minutes. I do a little *happy dance* on the inside when there's another one on there. (No worries. I DO keep the birds in mind when hanging the rolls.)

4. I share my food with my boys, EXCEPT my peach popsicles. When we get a new package of popsicles, I pull all the peach, watermelon, and green apple ones out, because that's the only ones I'll eat. I share the watermelon and apple ones IF they ask for them, but hands off my peach ones.

5. I hate having my picture taken, and it's rare that I'm in pictures, other than the ones we have done professionally. (I'm usually the one behind the camera, anyway, though I'm NOT a photographer in any form or fashion.)

6. That said, I'd love to take some photography classes, simply so I could take better pictures of my family.

7. I'm hoping to *start* learning calligraphy and Spanish this summer.

8. I have over 400 books on my wishlist at my library(e-books). :P (and it grows daily!)

9. Have any of you seen the discussion going around about how adults should embarrassed to read children's/YA books? The rebel in me picked up a YA book after seeing that just to prove how NOT embarrassed I am to read children's books! Plus, I'm loving all the C.S. Lewis quotes that support my lack of embarrassment!

10. On that note: I get excited about books, period, but there's nothing like holding a middle grade book in my hands. The covers are gorgeous and full of color and just plain FUN. Knowing there's an adventure tucked away inside always makes me excited. I recently requested my library order The Cats of Tanglewood Forest by Charles de Lint. When it was placed in my hands, I had a hard time controlling the beaming smile and happy dance trying to burst through before leaving. I didn't want to scare the librarian, though! Words can't describe how excited I am to read this book, though!

11. I'm hoping to host a "Book Party" this fall(maybe September). I've wanted to do this for awhile, and I'm pretty excited about the possibility!

Amber's Questions:

1. What's one book you already know will go on your list of favorites for 2014?

I have such a hard time limiting myself to only one pick! ;) I'll do one non-fiction(Chasing God by Angie Smith) and one fiction(Sky Raiders by Brandon Mull).

2. What's one book you're looking forward to reading this summer?

Sorrow's Knot by Erin Bow

I HAD to have this book, and got it as a Christmas present. Review books just haven't given me the time to get to it yet. I'm still super excited about it, though!

3. What's your favorite type of blog post to read?

I love getting to know my bloggy friends better, so I really enjoy personal posts. Also, any post containing book covers really grabs my interest.

4. What's your favorite type of blog post to write/put together?

Book lists are probably my favorite. I miss doing those!

5. Hardcover or paperback?

I prefer my keeper books on my shelf to be hardcover, but oddly enough when I'm reading them, paperbacks are so much easier on my hands. I'm pretty neutral in this area, overall.

6. For paperbacks, soft cover (matte) or glossy?

I'm leaning towards glossy, but pretty neutral.

7. Which do you enjoy most: Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or Goodreads?

I enjoy them all, though twitter is probably the least enjoyed, just because I always feel kind of lost in a sea of chaos over there. I never know what to say, and feel like an oddball when I do tweet. Pinterest is a dream come true for someone without room in her brain for creativeness, BUT it tends to make me feel "not good enough". I just plain spend too much time on Facebook when it's activated, and it's activated for now. :/ My MIL called me wanting some pictures off my wall, but couldn't get to them, since I'd deactivated my account. Plus, I do have a few groups on there that are super helpful! And, Goodreads! What's not to like? ;)

8. Which national park or country would you most like to visit?

I don't know my national parks very well! I think I'd be happy to visit any of them. I've never been out of the South, and I'm terrified of planes, so I honestly don't know that I'll be visiting another country anytime soon.

9. What's your favorite genre of music?

I don't listen to a ton of music, but I really enjoy singers like Jason Mraz, Alex Preston(American Idol's top 3 this year), Micheal Buble, and Coldplay. Whatever you'd put their kind of music in is the genre I prefer.

10. Name one movie or TV show that surprised you recently.

Well, I only watch 2 TV shows(19 Kids and Counting and Once Upon a Time). I STILL haven't caught up on my DVR with Once Upon a Time, but I'm sure there will be some surprises for me there, since there's usually some shockers with that show.

11. What's your favorite flower?

I'm old fashioned here, but I love roses! Peonies are a favorite, too, though I've never saw one in "real life".


Now I'm supposed to pick bloggers to pass this award onto. I LOVE getting these things, but I'm always hesitant to pass them out, just because some people hate them. SO, if you're reading this, and you haven't been tagged yet, I tag you. :D Please come back and leave me a link, so I can get to know you better!!

Your questions: (which I've ended up mostly centering around books)

1. What book are you most looking forward to reading this summer?

2. What is one thing(subject/craft/anything) you'd like to learn more about?

3. If you could recommend one book to me, what would it be?

4. What is a book you're a little embarrassed to admit liking so much?

5. What are a few of your favorite things?

6. What is your dream vacation?

7. What is your "most often eaten" meal?

8. What's a book on your wishlist right now?

9. What's your favorite TV show at the moment?

10. What is your favorite Bible study book? (meaning a book that has guided you through God's Word)

11. What classic are you most looking forward to reading one day? Or, what classic do you most want to challenge yourself with reading?


Again, if you haven't already been tagged, I'm tagging YOU! Leave me your links! :D

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Join the Odyssey Adventure Club for $5!

Are your kids in need of a safe and fun environment where they can explore, create and imagine, all while developing their faith and learning biblical truth? Enter the Odyssey Adventure Club (AOC)!


For a limited time, you can join HERE for only $5 (regular monthly membership costs $15 for up to six users)!

Families will be able to stream the Adventures in Odyssey library, plus listen to exclusive new monthly episodes.  Busy families will find 24/7 access to the content through the Odyssey Adventure Club mobile iPhone app.

Children can also read daily devotions, interact with hands-on activities and view video documentaries featuring a behind-the-scenes look into the production of the Adventures in Odyssey stories. Parents can feel confident their children are safe on the Odyssey Adventure Club website — Focus on the Family staff will be monitoring all comments before they’re publicly posted.

A portion of each Odyssey Adventure Club membership will benefit Focus on the Family partner relief organizations, including Christian Veterinary Mission, Operation Christmas Child and Compassion International. This provides parents with an opportunity to teach children about the value of giving and serving others.

Coming in July, Odyssey Adventure Club members get to listen to the brand new album, "The Ties That Bind," FIRST before it's available ANYWHERE ELSE!

Click here to join for only $5!

Want more summer activities for your kids inspired by the Odyssey Adventure Club? Check out this post.

Friday, June 13, 2014

The Fragrance of Crushed Violets by Cathy Bryant(Book Spotlight)

The Fragrance of Crushed Violets: Forgiving the Inexcusable by Cathy Bryant

The Fragrance of Crushed Violets: Forgiving the Inexcusable is a companion Bible study booklet on forgiveness written to go along with the spiritual theme of the fifth Miller’s Creek novel, A Bridge Unbroken by Cathy Bryant. The book is designed to work for either individual or group study. A women's Bible study group has been formed on Facebook, and will be studying the topic of forgiveness using this book beginning July 1, 2014. We would love to have you join us at LifeSword: We'd also love to have join a Facebook Book Chat about the book on Tuesday, June 17th from 6-7 p.m. MDT:

Book Description:

What do we do when a loved one, boss, co-worker, friend, or enemy seem determined to bring us down through an attack? How do we handle it when their assault is personal, public, deep, unjust, unfair, and unfounded? Take it one step further. How do we deal with meaningless acts of destruction and death, say in something similar to the Twin Towers incident or a school shooting, especially when the offender shows no remorse? Do we file it in our brains and rack it up to “one more senseless act” and chance to think that God somehow messed up? In short, how do we move past the hurt and anger to a place of forgiveness? Join us as we examine relevant scriptures about forgiveness and come away with a scriptural understanding of:

• what forgiveness is and what it isn’t
• God’s role in the process of forgiveness
• what Jesus did at the cross for each of us
• our mandate to forgive as we’ve been forgiven
• what gets in the way of forgiving others
• how to truly forgive

Quotes From the Book:

"Ultimate forgiveness can only be found in God, because all sin is ultimately against God."

"Forgiveness isn't natural; it's supernatural."

“…through forgiveness, we reveal to a watching world the perfect illustration of what Christ has done for each of us.”

Print Version Purchase Link

Kindle Version Purchase Link

About the Author:

Cathy Bryant writes both Christian fiction and devotional materials. She’s written devotions for The Upper Room devotional magazine, two devotional books, and for various online devotional sites including her own website, The Fragrance of Crushed Violets is her first Bible study booklet. Cathy's standalone novels are set in the fictional town of Miller's Creek, Texas, where folks are friendly, the iced tea is sweet, and Mama Beth's front porch beckons. Her debut novel, Texas Roads, was a 2009 ACFW Genesis contest finalist and has been on the Amazon Kindle Best-Seller list. Since then she's added four other books to the Miller's Creek novels, the latest one released in Spring 2014. Readers have compared her novels to those of Karen Kingsbury and Nicholas Sparks and have called Miller's Creek the Texas version of Mayberry. A native Texan, Cathy currently resides in the beautiful Sangre deCristo mountains of northern New Mexico with her minister husband of over thirty years. When she’s writing, you can find her rummaging through thrift stores, hiking through the wilderness, or up to her elbows in yet another home improvement project in the mountain cabin she calls home.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Full Steam Ahead by Karen Witemeyer

Full Steam Ahead by Karen Witemeyer

Bethany House Publishers (June 3, 2014) 353 pages


When Nicole Renard returns home to Galveston from an eastern finishing school, she's stunned to find her father in ill health. Though she loves him, he's only ever focused on what she's not. Not male. Not married. Not able to run their family business, Renard Shipping.

Vowing to secure a suitable marriage partner, Nicole sets out with the Renard family's greatest treasure: a dagger personally gifted to Nicole's father by the pirate Jean Lafitte. Many believe the legend that the dagger is the source of all Renard Shipping's good fortune, though Nicole is sure her father's work ethic and honorable business practices are the keys to their success. Before she can board the steamer to New Orleans, Nicole finds her father's rivals--the Jenkins brothers--on either side of the gangplank, ready to grab her and steal the dagger. Quickly, she decides to instead travel north, to Liberty, Texas, where she can decide what to do next.

Darius Thornton needs a secretary--someone to help him get his notes in order. Ever since the boiler explosion aboard the Louisiana, Darius has been a man obsessed. He will do anything to stop even one more steamship disaster. The pretty young socialite who applies for the job baffles him with her knowledge of mathematics and steamships. He decides to take a risk and hire her, but he's determined her attractive face and fancy clothes won't distract him from his important research.

The job offer comes at exactly the right time for Nicole. With what Darius is paying her, she'll be able to afford passage to New Orleans in mere weeks. But Mr. Thornton is so reclusive, so distant, so unusual. He can create complex scientific equations but can't remember to comb his hair. And his experiments are growing more and more dangerous. Still, there are undeniable sparks of attraction between them. But Nicole is leaving soon, and if she marries, it must be to a man who can manage a shipping empire. Darius certainly doesn't fit that description. And the Jenkins brothers have not given up on kidnapping Nicole and seizing the Lafitte dagger for themselves.

My Rating: 5/5 stars

My Thoughts:

A "cover" note: This is one of my TOP favorite covers ever. I just adore both of their expressions. Based on the cover, I was expecting a "train" story, but it's not. Also, Darius is suppose to have blond hair, but I just couldn't change the dark brown hair that's hinted at on the cover. To me, he remained a brunette, looking somewhat similar to Jake Gyllenhaal, but not exactly).

When I first learned about the world of blogging and giveaways, A Tailor-Made Bride was the very first book I ever won. I was seriously on cloud 9! For this woman who loves a pretty blue dress on a cover, I was like a child just given a big bag of candy when that book arrived in my hands. I was even more thrilled when I read and *adored* the story. With each book that Witemeyer has given to the world, I've only grown to love her stories more and more.

As with all of her other books, in Full Steam Ahead, we get a sweet romance, a bit of tension/suspense, and a touch of humor. I always smile during these stories, and Full Steam Ahead was no exception.

I enjoyed Nicole's strong qualities, like carrying a knife in her garter to protect herself and killing snakes. At the same time, I liked that she wasn't against having a "knight in shining armor". Darius starts off being quite the arrogant man. Most of my favorite leading men start out the same way. If not done just right, though, I simply find them a pain. Thankfully, Darius shows his heart of gold, and won my approval. Mr. and Mrs. Wellborn, along with John(with his small role) won my heart, too!

Overall, if you enjoy sweet romances, with a touch of a history lesson in the mix, and a touch of suspense, pick up Full Steam Ahead!

*Thanks to Bethany House and Netgalley for providing me with an e-copy, in exchange for my honest opinion.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Somebody Like You by Beth K. Vogt

Somebody Like You by Beth K. Vogt

Howard Books (May 13, 2014) 368 pages


Haley’s three-year marriage to Sam, an army medic, ends tragically when he’s killed in Afghanistan. Her attempts to create a new life for herself are ambushed when she arrives home one evening—and finds her husband waiting for her. Did the military make an unimaginable mistake when they told her Sam was killed?

Too late to make things right with his estranged twin brother, Stephen discovers Sam never told Haley about him. As Haley and Stephen navigate their fragile relation­ship, they are inexorably drawn to each other. How can they honor the memory of a man whose death brought them together—and whose ghost could drive them apart?

Somebody Like You is a beautifully rendered, affecting novel, reminding us that while we can’t change the past, we have the choice to change the future and start anew.

My Rating: 4.5/5 stars

My Thoughts:

First, a comment about the cover. Does anyone want to move her hair out of her face as bad as I do?! My OCD was in overdrive every time I looked at the cover. ;) Truly, that's the only bad thing you'll hear me say about this book, though!

Somebody Like You deals with a topic that could have went wrong in so many ways. It could have *easily* ended up corny and unbelievable. Thankfully, it was handled with perfection. Many emotions are covered with care and reality as the characters struggle through what is happening. It's no secret that I'm super emotional. I also try not to let anyone see me cry. There's a part involving a restaurant towards the end that made me have to put the book down and go to another room to recover from my need to bawl.

For a large part of the story, I honestly didn't know how things would go. I was quickly flipping the pages, and didn't know if this was a "romance" or not. It is....and a very sweet one, too.

If you enjoy a Christian romance that happens slowly, has a unique plot, and don't mind needing some tissues, give Somebody Like You a chance!

*There is a scene involving a Christian character drinking beer with a friend in case that would keep you from reading this book.

**I was provided a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

30 Days to a More Beautiful You by Kylie Bisutti

30 Days to a More Beautiful You: A Devotional for Girls by Kylie Bisutti

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. (April 18, 2014) 65 pages

My Rating: 3/5 stars

My Thoughts:

I grabbed 30 Days to a More Beautiful You when it was a freebie, not realizing that it was a devotional for girls until it was on my kindle. Since I do try to occasionally read books geared towards girls, not only for future recommendations for my nieces, but for other young girls, and this counts toward the Tyndale Summer Reading Program, I decided to move it up on my reading list.

I'm really torn on exactly who to recommend it to. It centers around focusing on inner beauty, as opposed to outer beauty. Shine from within! The devotionals are super short and basic. For the most part, I feel that young girls(tweens) would benefit from it the most. BUT, there are some references that would keep me from handing this devotional to a young girl. (The author briefly mentions having sex with a boyfriend and talks about her modeling career and some of the hardships involved with it. Really, everything mentioned is very brief!) All girls mature at different rates, though, so it's up to each parent, of course. I'd recommend reading it first before giving it to a young girl, though.

As far as for older girls, I feel that they can deal with so much more than the brief devotionals these provide. Again, they're very basic. As a quick little reminder, these are great, though! If your child is dealing with more severe self esteem issues and/or depression, I'd recommend something much more "meaty" than this book.

One more note. Many things mentioned felt like this book was meant to be a companion to Kylie's other book, I'm No Angel: From Victoria's Secret Model to Role Model. (I have it on my kindle, but I haven't read it yet, and therefore I'm not prepared to recommend it yet.) For example, names were mentioned like I was suppose to know who it was. Based on that, I'm **guessing** this book would have more value as a combined effort with I'm No Angel.

*At the moment, the kindle version of 30 Days to a More Beautiful You is .94 and the paperback is only .99, so it's definitely worth a chance if you're interested at all in reading the devotionals!

**This book counts toward the Tyndale Summer Reading Program.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Some Bookish Randomness

I've pushed several reviews through lately! :P They really needed to have already been done, so while I have moments of time, I'm trying to be computer productive.

If you missed the ones I posted today, here they are:

Resistance by Jaye L. Knight(action packed)

Treasuring Christ When Your Hands are Full by Gloria Furman(HIGHLY recommended read for mommies!)

Smart Money Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze(one I'll probably turn to more in the next couple of years)


Reading to Know - Book Club

On another note, May was "my" month at the Reading to Know Classics Bookclub. My pick was The Wolves of Willoughby Chase. If you'd like to read my thoughts, it's posted HERE. (I'm about to play some catch up and make my rounds. :))

June's read is King Solomon's Mines by H.R. Haggard. I'm super excited about this one, y'all!


I'm almost done with review books! I have no intentions of accepting anymore, as far as fiction and non-fiction for me goes. I'll wing it as far as the boys go.

(I'm not including netgalley and edelweiss in that, because I love them, and I simply don't feel the pressure through those review sites. They're fun, and that's what reading should be! I have lots of reads I'm excited to finally get to through them, though!! (Stray, Snow Like Ashes, The Castle Behind Thorns, The Jewel, Elvis and the Underdogs: Secrets, Secret Service, and Room Service, and The Secrets of Lily Graves, just to name a few)


If you haven't signed up for the Tyndale Reading Program yet, check out their book line up this year. (NOT a referral link or anything!) For every 5 books you read and review, you get a free one. I'm hoping to get Rhinestone Jesus: Saying Yes to God When Sparkly, Safe Faith Is No Longer Enough by Welch and Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected about Being a Mom by Baker.


Anything new in the book world for y'all?