Saturday, April 5, 2014

Death by the Book by Julianna Deering

Death by the Book (A Drew Farthering Mystery Book #2)

Bethany House Publishers (March 4, 2014) 320 pages

My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Thoughts:

Death by the Book is the 2nd book in the Drew Farthering Series. As much as I liked this book, I feel like I would have liked it so much more if I'd read the first book before reading this one. While I was never lost, I kept feeling like I'd missed so much background in Rules of Murder. So, based on that, I highly recommend you start with Rules of Murder!

In Death by the Book, Drew wants nothing more than for the love of his life, Madeline, to accept his proposal to be married. When strange murders begin happening, Drew is recruited to use his amateur sleuthing skills to help solve the case.

Madeline. Oh, how I didn't like her. The story is never told from her perspective, so I never really got inside her head. I'm sure that left me with the opinion of her I had. I disliked the way she kept refusing him, and yet still "cozied" up to him. It felt like she was stringing him along. Maybe if I'd read the first book, I'd have felt differently!

It's always fun(to me) to have the ill tempered aunt/grandmother. I always find such potential in them, AND they bring such humor to a story. Aunt Ruth filled in that spot in this story just perfectly.

Coming from someone that has only read one Agatha Christie novel(but loved it!), Death by the Book reminded me of The Murder at the Vicarage. There was just a cozy mystery quality to it. They both focus on a male lead, as opposed to a female, so romance isn't the focus of this book at all, though there are little moments of cuddling and kissing.

I wasn't ever really creeped out by the mystery or the murders, so I can still easily recommend those of you who enjoy a mystery, but not the heart stopping moments. I don't like reading books that leave me looking behind my back. This one was a perfect cozy/mystery combination.

Overall, I had fun with this little mystery. (No, I didn't guess correctly on the murderer, in case you were wondering.) If you enjoy a good, clean, cozy mystery, give this series a try.

*Thanks to Bethany House and Netgalley for providing me with an e-copy in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Oh! Sounds promising!! And I love the title. ;D

    1. There's a bookstore and book talk in there, so that's always fun! :)

  2. Reading all of these reviews for Death by the Book makes me all the more painfully aware that I have as yet to read this one. Cannot wait as I adored Rules of Murder. Sorry some parts didn't work for you, Tammy - maybe book 3 will be better! :)