Thursday, January 30, 2014


Recently, I was given a free trial to Grammarly. I'm not a grammar police! It will take you all of 5 seconds at my blog to realize that. ;) While I try to have "casual" good grammar, there are many rules I've either forgotten or tend to ignore(ending a sentence with a preposition).

Where do you stand on grammar? Do you consider yourself a "police" or are you more casual with it?

Even with my "far from perfect grammar", I still have a grammar pet peeve. I come across this mistake in my reading ALL the time, and I struggle not to take a pen and correct it right away! I'm amazed it's overlooked by so many editors. "I COULD care less" means you really care. "I could NOT care less" is typically what people really mean to say. If this is a mistake you make, I promise I won't correct you. ;) And, it took me far too long to realize I'd been writing, "Your welcome", when it's obvious it should be, "You're welcome", just to make you feel better.

What's your grammar pet peeve(s)? I think we all at least have one!

Now back to Grammarly!

The first post I had Grammarly proofread for me scored a whopping 47 out of 100. I knew I didn't have the best grammar, but I was still a little shocked. Thankfully, it turns out that I had put in a code, which triggered all sorts of errors. Whew!

I also learned that Grammarly has several different levels of grammar checks. I initially did the "general" option. I learned that I prefer my blog to be more casual and used the "casual" option for the remainder of my time. With the "general" option, Grammarly would catch each time I used the word "you"(unprofessional) or any contractions(also unprofessional). I'm content to use "I'll, instead of "I will" and "I'm" instead of "I am". I also like writing my blog like I'm actually talking to y'all, as opposed to being "professional". Of course, there's a time and place for professional writing, and I love that Grammarly gives me several levels of grammar checking to choose from.

My 2nd post earned an 84 out of 100, with 6 errors.

Some of the "errors" are really more of a review to make sure it's not an error. After reviewing, I only found 2 errors I felt I wanted to change. They were careless mistakes on my part!

I used the word "there's" when I should have used "there are".

I said, "the picture are" when it should have been "the pictureS are".

I proofread several times before posting and these mistakes still escape my sight OFTEN!

Grammarly always gives you an explanation for any errors/possible errors it notices. You can pick from a short explanation or a long explanation.

As a blogger, Grammarly is a great tool! I imagine if I were in a more professional environment, or writing college papers, it would be an absolute necessity for me!

Overall, I like Grammarly for catching comma errors, misspellings, and those little mistakes that hide during my proofreading. I think it's a pretty cool site!

Make sure you give it a try! Just go to Grammarly's webpage and put in a sample of your work to see how well you're doing in the grammar department. Let me know how you scored! ;)

*I was given a free trial of Grammarly.


  1. I have a free trial of this too, but I still have to write up my thoughts on it. I like how you reviewed this program!