Monday, October 28, 2013

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing by Sally Lloyd-Jones

Zonderkidz (September 22, 2013) 224 pages

My Thoughts:

When I put together that the author of this book is the same author as The Jesus Storybook Bible, my conscience automatically went on high alert. I didn't like The Jesus Storybook Bible. A couple of years ago, I passed my copy on to someone I thought could enjoy it more than me. I don't regret that, but at the same time, it is driving me absolutely *insane* that I really don't remember why I didn't like that book!!! I seem to recall that the author was a little more liberal in her translations of the Bible than I cared for, but I can't recall specifics.

I actually liked THIS book, though! Despite not remembering why I didn't like The Jesus Storybook Bible, I trust myself enough to realize I had to have had a reason. I had to move past that feeling that something was wrong(and yet couldn't put my finger on it) with this book in order to enjoy it for what it's worth.

The author IS a bit liberal with her translations of Bible verses at times. There may be certain pages you want to skip. I've enjoyed it, though!

It's almost like a mini devotional book. (The book itself is not mini sized. It's normal!)Each devotional/thought is given a two page spread. Some of these require turning the book on its side to read. There's always a *gorgeous* picture included. I *loved* the artwork! That's another thing that is driving me insane! The artist of this book is the same artist as The Jesus Storybook Bible, and I can't remember the artwork from it. This is a beautiful book, though! I was given a leather bound edition to review, and if you think this is something you would enjoy, I'd actually recommend getting the leather bound version! It makes the reading experience so much more for me when I'm holding a leather edition of a book. (or an *old* copy of anything)

This book is recommended for 6-9 years olds. I tried reading a few of these devotionals to the boys(Grasshopper(5) and Firefly(2)) They adored the pictures and keep asking me to see them. They were especially taken with the "planet picture". It's their most requested. But, these are mostly just too much for them. I ended up reading through the book myself, and I'll try it again in a couple of years with them.

There ARE some of the devotionals that work well with them now, but you'll most likely have to pick and choose for younger children.

The author uses many people from the past to help create these thoughts, such as Corrie Ten Boom, John Calvin, Martin Luther, and C.S. Lewis. (Of course, I don't share the same beliefs of all of these people, just to be clear.) She also uses events from the past to create them. There's little history lessons woven into these short thoughts throughout the book. There's also a little index of sorts in the back where the author gives credit to everyone she's used to help her in this book.

Just to give you an idea of what you can expect with this book, here's an example of one I liked:

Miraculous World

A giraffe can clean its ear with its twenty-one-inch tongue! A hippo isn't yawning at you-it's showing off its teeth so birds will clean them. No two zebras have stripes exactly alike. Fifty thousand cells in your body will die and be replaced all while you read this sentence.

We live in an incredible, miraculous world!

The Bible says nature is just a shadow of what it will be when God comes back to mend this broken world.

If this beautiful world is just a shadow of what it will be like when God comes back...what on earth will you be like?

"The mountains and hills will burst into song, and the trees of the field will clap their hands!" Isaiah 55:12(NLT)

Overall, I do think some of the author's translations of verses could have this book ripped apart in the right hands, but ultimately, I *really* enjoyed it, and feel pretty safe recommending it to you.

*Thank you to Charleen at DJC Communications and Zondervan for sending me a review copy! All thoughts expressed are mine and my *honest* thoughts about the book.


  1. Sounds good though. Great honest review as usual doll. :)

  2. :D I am not a fan of The Jesus Story Bible either! So I have avoided this title. But it's good to know you think this one is better.

    1. Yay! At least I'm in good company! :) That story Bible is such a popular one. I know several people that love it. And, YOU may be just the person that could rip this one apart! ;)