Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Adventure Bible Storybook(Deluxe Edition)

Adventure Bible Storybook Deluxe Edition

Adventure Awaits!

The Adventure Bible Storybook starts children on the journey of a lifetime, introducing them to some of the greatest stories of the Bible! Bold, beautiful illustrations bring the fifty action-packed stories to life as readers encounter fun, exciting themes of discovery, imagination, and suspense---everything you’d expect from a fantastic adventure. This deluxe edition enhances the Bible reading experience with audio CDs that include multiple character voices, music, and sound effects. The Adventure Bible Storybook Deluxe Edition stimulates children’s minds and fills their hearts with love for their heavenly Father.

My Rating: 3/5 stars(most of that for the pictures!)

My Thoughts:

I got this Bible Storybook due to liking Adventure Bible Book of Devotions so much. Unfortunately, I didn't care for this one so much.

The pictures in this book are *gorgeous*! I'll keep it on our shelves solely for the pictures, and due to the fact that the boys are continuously picking it up to look at them. I actually wish there were pictures like this in the devotional book! But, they are very different books!

The stories? I'm not so crazy about them. They're really a big mesh of fact and fiction. If you've been around here long, you may remember that I don't care for Biblical fiction. (That was simply something I had to learn about myself through experience.) This book kind of comes off as Biblical fiction, to me. Really, a large majority of it is fact based on the Bible, but there is still more than I cared for as far as what *might* have happened and what someone *might* have been thinking. I can deal with a bit of this. The Action Bible is a great example, since it does have some of the *might of* things going on. It wasn't overwhelming, and I wasn't uncomfortable with it. There was too much liberality taken with Adventure Bible Storybook, *for me*, though. (I noticed as I was linking that this is the *storybook* and there's actually simply an Adventure Bible. I see my confusion now, but I haven't seen Adventure Bible and can't say what I think of it.)

It's not that I'm against thinking about what *might* have been going on at any given time, but my tolerance level of passing it off as fact is VERY low. I actually really enjoy thinking about what a person might have been thinking or doing during Bible events. It helps me to put the events into better perspective. Maybe that was the author's goal with this book? Still, it crossed my comfort level. Honestly, I think most people will be perfectly fine with it!

Just to give you a couple of examples: In the story of Esther, she twirls her skirt around and smiles at the king to win the beauty pageant. Before crossing the Red Sea, a little girl hugs her doll. In the story of Noah, I'll just give you an excerpt:

"Even though it was dark, Noah knew exactly where he was. He heard his wife's footsteps. Her basket of eggs clunked his back as she walked by. 'Oops, sorry,' she said. 'Breakfast will be ready soon, if I can keep these eggs in the pan. The storm sure is strong today!'"

See! I have a low tolerance! ;)

Another issue I had with the stories is the fact that they needed more details, in my opinion. They ARE simply worded, and great for a toddler. As far as simplicity, they were perfect for Firefly(2), even with his almost non-existent attention span these days. Each story, though done in Biblical order, left too much room for confusion. You might not get the real ending or beginning of one story before you're thrown into a completely different one. I think that even if it meant losing a few stories to keep its length, more details for many of them would have been more beneficial. Of course, as is true for ALL Bible storybooks, this is best used as a supplement to the real thing!

In this deluxe edition, you will get a copy of The Adventure Bible, 2 CDs in a little paper case, and a cardboard case to hold those items together.

The CDs contain an audio version of the whole Adventure Bible Storybook. There IS music and side effects in the background, just in case that influences your decision at all. The narration is a little slow and sometimes dreary. I caught myself thinking, "Let's get on with it!" Of course, then I felt guilty. I read much quicker than the narration on the CDs, though, and I'm nowhere near a speed reader.

Overall, I'll likely just use this storybook as a picture supplement. It's not horrible, and I actually did like some of the wording, but it was more often than not too liberal for my tastes.

*I was provided a review copy through Booksneeze in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Oh that's a bummer. Thanks for your honesty though. I've wondered about these.

  2. Yeah, I'm afraid I'm not a fan of Biblical fiction either. I've had to let this settle in also. I can't specifically state why I don't like it, except that I just feel extremely cautious around it.

    I picked up a copy of The Adventure Bible at a local Christian book store to browse. I put it back on the shelf. NOT a fan.

    1. I'll just avoid The Adventure Bible then! I was curious after I realized my confusion. It kind of makes me sad to hear of you actually browsing through a bookstore. ;) The closet one to me was about a 60 mile drive and it is even closed now.

      Agreed on the Biblical fiction. More than anything it just makes me uncomfortable.