Monday, August 5, 2013

YOU tell ME what to READ! (Plus, a little update)

This picture just always makes me smile!

Many of you will want to skip over this first part. If so, just skip to the bottom and make sure you leave me your reading recommendations! :)

Some of you may remember that I'm reading along with the Seasons of a Mother's Heart read along @ Hope is the Word. You may realize that I'm behind. *sigh* I'm loving reading this book! There's so many parts I want to write my thoughts on, but I feel the need to have semi-quiet time to do that task. That time just isn't being provided. Life at our home has been pretty stressful and chaotic these days. Jonathan left his job of 10 1/2 years for a new one. I'm supportive of this decision! ;) This company is just starting up in our part of the state, so as Jonathan has helped get the company on its feet, he's spent a great deal of time away from us. Even when he's home, he's "working". Just to give you a clue, he had received/sent 751 text messages within 10 days. We had to change plans! I'm not complaining. He's happy and excited, so I am, too! That's not to say I've had the best attitude through it all. It's been stressful! All 3 boys seem to be having trouble sleeping these days. One night, they continuously took turns getting up, and I felt like I was up all night. I was exhausted! Still am! When I do get those brief moments of quiet, I'm usually so drained, I have to take a quick nap. Occasionally, I'm able to get Firefly and Bumblebee napping together. I set Grasshopper up with something off Netflix, curl up on the couch with him behind my knees and take a super quick, re-energizing nap. I've still been enjoying my night reading, when the house is blissfully quiet(at least for a little while), but that means only kindle reading. I do as much "computer" catch-up and/or reading on my Kindle as I can while I'm rocking Firefly to sleep, which really provides a great deal of reading time throughout the day. (And, admittedly, I don't always use my time as I should! ;) Sometimes, I catch a moment of quiet, and I browse the internet, or earn some Swagbucks. Don't we all do that these days, though?!)

In the past month, we've also dealt with sickness, VBS(which despite doing nothing but getting my children there, wore us out!), and little Bumblebee has suffered from the worst case of constipation I've ever seen in my life. I did everything I could to help that poor baby! Talk about stressful! I think we've finally got that under control, though.

There's plenty of silver linings in all that, and the best is that Jonathan should start a regular schedule this week. I'm ready for a little boring normal-ness!

All that babbling to say, I'm behind! I've got a huge list of books I've already read that I need to review, and while I'm hoping to do a great deal of catching up today, I'm going to do a fun post, just in case that doesn't happen!


Now to the fun part!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Too often in the blogging world, reviews take up all of our reading time. It's not as often as I like that I take YOUR recommendations. Here's your chance to change that. :) What's your favorite book that you think I would enjoy? *Remember, though, that I don't like profanity or sex scenes.* Also, a difficult to understand 800 page book just isn't the best idea for me right now. ;P

I'm really trying hard to add Classics into my daily life, though it's usually "cheese platter" reading. Most recently I've been working on more "snacks" of Bible reading, a little Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe. I'm excited about Poe! I may have discovered a favorite, and I'm looking forward to reading more(with annotations!)

So, I'd love for you to recommend both a Classic read AND a non-Classic read that you think I'd enjoy.

Let's hear those titles!!


  1. Lots going on! :)
    So glad you're in good spirits.

    You know what works for Baby Whimsy when she's constipated? Cantaloupe. I don't know why but it reallly works.

    1. We love cantaloupe around here! When my older two need some help, I'll be sure to give them some. Broccoli always seems to help them, too, so it's a good thing they like it! ;)

  2. Oh man do I hear ya! The book I recommend to all my friends these days is Edenbrooke by Julianna Donaldson, but you already read and loved that one. Have you read many Marcia Lynn McClure books? They are clean romances! Love it! Today her Desert Fire book is on kindle for FREE! I loved that one. Here's the link Desert Fire by Marcia Lynn McClure
    I wish we lived in the same town and could just get together and let our boys run wild while we chat about books. :) Keep up the good work. You can do it!

    1. I haven't read Edenbrooke yet, but I really want to! I've been keeping a watch on it, hoping for a price markdown. I'm the worst about not paying full price for a book. :S I did read Blackmoore, though, and LOVED it.

      I have 8 of Marcia's books on my kindle, mostly from freebies, and one sitting on my shelf. There's no excuse for not already reading one of them! ;) She's officially next in line.

      *sigh* That would be so wonderful!!! You can't beat 7 little boys AND book chat! ;)

    2. I'm loosing my mind! I saw your Blackmoore review and thought you'd read Edenbrooke too. LOL

      I don't buy books for more than $3 very often, but I'm thinking about buying Blackmoore because I can't wait to read it! I borrowed Edenbrooke from the library. :)

    3. I usually grab the books when they're .99 or 1.99. There's so many of them right now!! ;)

      I think I'm going to request that my library order Edenbrooke, so I can read it sooner. I got Blackmoore on Netgalley. It was an instant download. I'm not sure if it's still there, but you might can read it that way. :)

    4. I checked right after I saw your review awhile back, and it wasn't on netgalley anymore. Sad! But maybe I'll try contacting the publisher.

  3. Have you read To Kill a Mockingbird? Possibly my all time favorite. :)

  4. I already have it in line for one of your recommendations! :) I read it in high school, but that seems so long ago now. I don't remember much about the story. I looked at my copy a couple of weeks ago, but the print was so little, and my eyes aren't what they used to be. I'm going to check if my library has a better copy.
    I've also got "Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie" lined up. I'm hoping to start it soon, too. :)