Friday, July 19, 2013

Bible Stories Painting Book 2

Bible Stories Painting Book 2

Candle Books (April 1, 2013)

My Thoughts:

In this painting book, there are 8 pages of coloring pictures, front and back, so 16 pictures total. There are also 4 pages of paint palettes(2 each of 2 different styles).

I took several pictures, since this is a hard book to bring to mind just from a description.

As you can see, the coloring pictures are in the center of the book, with 2 paint palettes on each side.

We don't do a whole lot of painting around my house. I'm more inclined to pull out the play dough, markers, crayons, or colored pencils. My boys need no extra help when it comes to making a mess, and I usually don't have the energy to clean up paint. (I do anticipate as my boys get a little older, and more self controlled with messes, we'll enjoy painting quite a bit more.) That said, I LOVED this book mostly due to the fact that it didn't create too big of a mess. I threw down some newspaper, gave each of the boys a coloring sheet, a paint palette, a paintbrush(not included: you'll need your own), and some water, and we were good to go. Clean up involved throwing stuff away for the most part. If we were using real paint, even those little watercolor containers, I would have been cleaning paint off clothes, and the walls, and the chairs, and the boys themselves. This is a SIMPLE way to add paint to your child's day!

The instructions say to let the page dry completely before closing, leading me to believe this is supposed to be re-usable paint and pages. If your children are young, like mine, I'd say to just anticipate letting each paint palette be a one time occasion. If your children are a little older and more controlled with painting, reusing the palettes might be more realistic.

Honestly, mine were more interested in playing with the water as opposed to painting a picture. Especially with Firefly(2), I think he thought he was painting the paint palette. He kept wanting more and more water to "paint" with. He added so much water to the palette, though, that when I tried to let it dry, it was so soaked that it started to look moldy. I just threw it away. *I want to make sure I'm clear that the mold was by no means the book's fault! Firefly really soaked his page down with water. I'm just reemphasizing the fact that this is better as a one time occasion per paint palette, in my opinion.

I'm just glad I can say we added a little painting to our day, though! :) When it comes to Bible activities, Candle has proved to be a top choice for our family. They have great ideas to combine Bible learning with entertainment AND at the same time making things as easy as possible on me. It's great, simple, fun, and educational!

*I was provided a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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