Tuesday, February 19, 2013

David Sticker Book by Karen Williamson

Candle Books (April 1, 2012)

My Thoughts:

The David Sticker Book is a short 12 page book about David's life contained in I Samuel 16-19. There's also 4 pages of stickers, for a total of 16 pages. On each page there are places for some of the stickers. Those places are almost whited out, but with a very faint glimpse of details. (You can see those whited out spots on the cover). There are also extra stickers to place wherever your little one wants.

We really enjoyed playing with this sticker book. It was mostly used with Grasshopper(4). Even though there's a warning not for children under 3 on the book, Firefly(1...almost 2) still enjoyed it, too. Many of the stickers ended up going in places they weren't meant to go, but that's okay! :) This is a great book for both playing and learning about the Bible at the same time.

I like that the pages are on the thicker side. Since this is also a storybook, those thicker pages allow this book to be used over and over even after the stickers are placed. We're still working on trying to keep both of our little ones quiet during church and focused on something at least somewhat Bible related. I admit we used to bring small toys with us, but we're trying to keep "entertainment" limited to paper, colors, and stickers now. For us, this book is a great option for church "quiet time". (Don't let me leave you with the impression that our little ones are actually quiet all the way through church! They've came a long way, but it's very much a work in progress.) They've actually been conservative with the stickers, so it might even get a few more uses!

Overall, we've been very pleased with this book, and I'm even looking at more from this line to add to our bag.

*We were provided a review copy of this book in exchange for our honest opinion.


  1. I love that you are working on keeping your kids with you in church. And I think children are all always a work in progress. ;D This does seem like a great church-time activity! Thanks for pointing it out!

    (We allow books and drawing pads.)

    1. I agree about the works in progress! Of course, I am, too. :)

      We used to bring small toys with us, but we finally realized they were quieter and more focused without them. So now, like you, we stick to paper products.