Monday, October 1, 2012

Catch Up!

I've gotten really behind on reviews! I'm ashamed at how late a couple of them are. I do hope to finally get all of these reviews up THIS week, though. I also get to reveal a book cover by one of my all-time favorite authors on Friday, so I'm excited about that, too! :) I'm hoping that Friday will wrap up all of my current review books, at least as far as fiction goes. I have requested a children's Bible, and my parents have a book, but otherwise I've did great at passing up review books. I'm working on the last fiction review book at the moment, and I do hope to have it finished in the next couple of days. I've decided not to ditch my blog completely. I still won't do any of the memes that I used to, and I may not post often, but I'm still going to share the books I loved(and maybe some of the ones I didn't so much love).

I've also gotten horrible at commenting! I apologize for that, and I have intentions of doing better. I still read your blogs. It's not that I'm not on the computer, because I am(although not near as much as blogging days). I'm just not very productive when I am on here.

I'm finally feeling halfway normal again, though, so I'm attempting a great deal of catch up, both on the computer and in "real life". I've been spending my reading time either sleeping, laying on the couch, or watching T.V.(particularly catching up on Once Upon a Time on Netflix) Horrible, I know! I do have a good excuse, though. I've been sick. This past week has brought me halfway back to normal, and that's very exciting. I'm officially off of Zofran. These little pills take the edge off of the sickness part, but they come with some SEVERE side effects. If you've taken them, you know what I mean. I'm thrilled to be rid of them! In case you haven't already guessed, baby #3 is on the way. :D I'll be 17 weeks tomorrow. 3 more weeks and we find out the gender. This is our last one, and we have 2 boys, so I'm sure you could guess we're hoping for a girl. That said, we know God has blessed us with what He wants us to have, and we'll be MORE than thrilled either way.

This weekend, we celebrated Grasshopper's 4th birthday. After attending 2 other birthday parties in the two weeks before, he now connects the word birthday with cake. I met him at the bottom of the stairs on birthday morning and wished him a "Happy Birthday". He immediately ran to the table apparently looking for his cake. We went really simple this year. He's been obsessed with the moon the past few weeks, so that's what went on his cake. It was very exciting for all of us. This is the first year that he's REALLY understood it was his special day, even if he didn't understand why. :)

I'll leave you with a few of the books I have planned to read in the next couple of months:

Starflower (Tales of Goldstone Wood) by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

I've gushed about this series enough. Y'all should know I adore it by now. ;) It releases November 1st, and I've got it in my Amazon cart to pre-order just as soon as I decide on one more item to make the $25 free shipping.

Sacrifice by Cayla Kluver

This is the other book in my cart ready to pre-order. I read Legacy a couple of months ago, and loved it. I'm currently reading Allegiance(yes, I'm working on two books at once), and I can't wait to see how Kluver wraps up everything!

The Bards of Bone Plain by Patricia McKillip

Not only do I love the cover artwork, but I heard that McKillip has a similar writing style to Juliet Marillier, which is one of my favorite authors. I'm excited to open this one up!

Now I'm off to work on the many posts I've been procrastinating writing.


  1. Congratulations on baby #3!!! How wonderful! :)

    I'm glad to hear you're feeling better, and I'm glad that you're not giving up blogging entirely!

    I'll also be posting about that cover on Friday - can't wait to share it! :) And I'm super excited to read Starflower, too!


    1. Thank you! :)

      Isn't it an awesome cover?! I can't wait to share it, either!

      Only 1 more month until Starflower! Amazon sent out Moonblood a bit early, so I'm hoping this one gets sent a little early, too. I can hope, right?! ;)

  2. 1. I thought you were going to stop blogging? Not that I mind seeing you around. I've missed ya.
    2. Congratulations! That's totally awesome.

    1. I had planned on it. I still had about 10 or so books that I still had to review at that point, and I'm just now getting those up. Horrible!
      The only books I'm taking on for actual review right now, I think, will be Bibles and children's books. Otherwise, I'll occasionally post my thoughts about books from my shelves. I decided to keep blogging PART-time. :)

      And thank you for the congrats! ;)

  3. Smiling at your successfulness in passing up review copies. I'm trying to be much MUCH better about that!

    So glad to hear that you are feeling better! YAY! And I can't wait for the grand reveal. ;)

  4. I hope you feel better soon. Family is priority, always.

  5. Congratulations on baby # 3! I hope you ALL will do well. :-)

    Renee C.

  6. If I ever officially stop blogging I wonder how I will cope without review copies?!

    You are nearly halfway there! So glad you are feeling better!

  7. Yay I'm glad you're still blogging occasionally! Congratulations on baby #3!
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