Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tales of Goldstone Wood Series by Anne Elisabeth Stengl

I've mentioned the Tales of Goldstone Wood series several times before, and it really is one of my favorite series ever. I'm pretty positive that I read that Anne didn't intend for there to be a series. Heartless was a standalone. With Moonblood being my favorite addition so far, and with expectations of liking Starflower even more, I'm glad it was turned into a series! The Tales of Goldstone Wood series is fairytale writing at its best!

My favorite character from the series(and one of my favorite characters, period) is Eanrin. He's completely won me over! He's incredibly arrogant, but there's a heart of gold underneath. I think it's funny that I enjoy fictional arrogant male characters, as long as there is a heart of gold, but arrogant people in real life are my biggest pet peeve! Eanrin is completely blind in both eyes, and he spends most of his time as a cat. That does sound a little odd, but believe me, it works!

As I've also mentioned before, you do want to read these in order.


Veiled Rose



This one hasn't been released yet, but Lord willing, I plan on pre-ordering it. It will expand on Eanrin's life, so I'm greatly looking forward to it.

Stengl truly has a talent for writing brilliant stories, so I definitely recommend giving them a chance.


  1. After Starflower comes Dragon Witch, in case you didn't know. And I love the cover for Starflower. (Except it doesn't have a dragon like the others do)

  2. I forgot about Dragon Witch! I can't wait for it, either.
    I LOVE the cover of Starflower, but I'm disappointed it doesn't have a dragon somewhere on there. It's still gorgeous, though. :)

  3. I've never heard of this series. I don't usually read fantasy but your gushing comments are making me think twice.