Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Together on Tuesdays:Introduction

Annette and Dorie from This Simple Home and These Grace Filled Days are hosting Together on Tuesdays for the next several weeks.

"Together on Tuesdays is just a casual way to meet and connect with other women because being together really is more fun!"

Week #1(June 19) Introduction to self and link to favorite post
Week #2 (June 26) Favorite food or recipe
Week #3 (July 3) Favorite book or film
Week #4 (July 10) Favorite place (local or vacation spot)
Week #5 (July 17) Summer plans, activities, and traditions
Week #6 (July 24) Tell us about your family (those in your home or beyond)
Week #7 (July 31) Tell us about where you live (local area or your home)
Week #8 (August 7) Favorite backyard (or neighborhood) activities for summer
Week #9 (August 14) Person who influenced your life
Week #10 (August 21) A summer wrap-up or fall plans

(from This Simple Home)

My Introduction:

I'm Bluerose(a.k.a. Tammy). I've been married to my husband, Jonathan, for 7 years(as of May 5th). We have 2 precious little boys. Grasshopper is 3 and Firefly is 1. I'm 30, at least for several more weeks. :) I'm truly blessed to be a stay-at-home mom, and we hope to homeschool when the time comes for that. We are a Christian family doing our best to please the Lord. I don't really like labels of religions, but just so you get a general idea of our beliefs, "church of Christ" is on the sign outside of the church building we attend worship. We picked the church to match our beliefs, not the other way around.

I've done a couple of posts over the past 2 years with little "fun" facts about me. Since I don't really have a favorite post, I'll just use those as my links.

30 Things About Me

10 "Fun" Facts About Me(I think most of them are different).

I debated all week on something unique to share from my life, and I FINALLY decided I'd share one of my life-changing moments.

Everybody has those moments in life that change them. Some are little moments. Some are huge. This is one of mine.

Almost 4 years ago, at 25 weeks pregnant, I went for a regular check-up. We were completely blindsided when I was admitted to the hospital in an attempt to save our baby. We didn't know what was wrong at the time, but we found out little Grasshopper wasn't getting the oxygen or nutrients he needed. I was hooked up to a monitor 24/7. We watched his heart-rate drop and then come back up. The doctors were trying to buy as much time as possible to help him develop more. 2 weeks later(and those 2 weeks were a HUGE blessing), they decided Grasshopper was better off outside of me than in. The moment his tiny 1 pound, 8 ounce body was taken from mine, changed my life forever. As Jonathan sat beside me holding my hand, and we heard his little kitten-like cry before they stuffed a tube down his throat, we changed more than we ever imagined. The next 3 1/2 months were the hardest of my life, as I watched my baby suffer. They were also the most blessed 3 1/2 months, as we watched our baby LIVE and as we grew closer to God. We met some of the most wonderful people that will remain in our hearts forever. We were overwhelmed with the love and support shown to us! We are incredibly grateful that God blessed us with the doctor that He did. Most of all we are grateful to God that He chose to let Grasshopper stay with us.

With my second pregnancy, I'm ashamed of the depression I endured throughout. It was a perfectly normal, blessed pregnancy, but I let fear and anxiety overtake me. I only mention that, so you know my faith isn't always as strong as it should be. I think we all have highs and lows.

BOTH of our little blessings have changed our lives forever!

Now that you know a little more about me, I'm off to learn more about you. :)


  1. Oh, it is such a pleasure to meet you! I got chills reading about your pregnancies - what a beautiful testimony to the Lord. He carried you through both of them. BTW, I don't like labels either...I have this terrible habit of when someone has 'classified' me, I tend to do something to unclassify myself, which I know is wrong, but I just detest labeling people. I prefer to celebrate how each person is a unique creation. And, today, I am very happy to meet you!

    1. I'm with you on unclassifying! I do the same thing sometimes, especially when I've been wrongly labeled. But, in my attempt to unclassify myself, I slapped another label on me. ;P Oh, the world and it's labels.

      It has been wonderful meeting you, too! :)

  2. I can imagine how the trauma of the first pregnancy would affect the second. I. too, tend to focus more on what "could" happen in any given situation rather than the fact that everything is going fine. I'm so glad God asks us to cast all our care on Him and is patient as we do so repeatedly.

    I'm so glad both your little ones lived and are growing and healthy! And for the good things that came out of that trial.

    I've been here before for various book-related memes. It's nice to learn more about you!

    1. It IS so hard NOT to focus on what "could" happen! It is wonderful that God is so patient with us.

      I am off to learn more about you now. :)

  3. OH!! Teary-eyed reading. I knew Grasshopper was early, but I didn't realize all of the circumstances. OH MY. When M was in her life-threatening heart situation for two weeks, I was very thankful she was my oldest child...all of my focus could be on her. I know you can understand that. After nearly losing Grasshopper, it is not surprising that you were anxious and depressed...pregnancy is such a rollercoaster to begin with. Don't feel guilty about it now. HUGS!

    After sharing 35 items last year on my birthday, I wasn't sure if I could come up with new ones...I didn't even check to compare. :)

    Labels are tough. You are so right. And often not always perceived the way we want them to be.

    I'm not sure I have ever seen your actual name in print here, though of course, I know it. :)

    1. I completely understand. We tell people all the time how grateful we are that if we were going to have to go through all that that it was with our first. Thank you. :)

      Sadly, I rarely use my name in the blogging world...more out of habit than anything. ;)

  4. I hadn't heard the story before! That is definitely a life changing and life altering story. And a beautiful one. Thank you for sharing it!

  5. Oh wow. I had no idea sweetie. What a blessing that he came out ok.

    I feel you on faith :)

    We need to go church shopping soon and we need to do what you did. Find the one that fits us.