Monday, April 30, 2012

God Helps Me Bible by Juliet David

Candle Books (March 1, 2012) 104 pages

My Rating: 4/5 stars

My Thoughts:

Grasshopper's obsession for the past month or so has been cows. When I first tried to read to the boys from the God Helps Me Bible, Grasshopper just couldn't concentrate without seeing some cows. I flipped through once, and didn't see any. He was quite persistent I keep looking, so I tried again. There is INDEED cows in this book! (page 16, Joseph's dream) For that factor alone, this book is a winner with Grasshopper. ;)

As far as Bible storybooks go, this one isn't the most detailed. It's great for a young audience. It works out perfect for the boys right now. I try to keep different Bible storybooks in different parts of the house, so there's always one handy. They do better with the simpler ones for now. I still read from the more detailed ones, but more often than not, those stories don't get finished.

In the God Helps Me Bible, there are 25 stories. They are VERY short. Each story takes up 4 pages. 2 pages are filled with one big picture. The other two pages are only halfway filled with words(big lettering) and a little picture at the bottom of those pages. I love that it's spiral bound! I'm always a little hesitate when it comes to spiral bound, just because they don't hold up very well. As far as spiral bound goes, though, this one is VERY sturdy! It's great for hands-free reading.

Overall, I like it. It's perfect for those little ones with a short attention span. I never could find an age category for it, but I'd say 1-3 is probably the target group.

*A huge thanks to Kregel Publications for my review copy in exchange for my honest opinion!

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