Monday, April 30, 2012

Farm Fresh Southern Cooking by Tammy Algood

Thomas Nelson (April 17, 2012) 280 pages

My Rating: 3/5 stars

My Thoughts:

I hate to say that when it comes to my cooking, the recipes have to be absurdly easy! I need my recipes to have plain old basic, inexpensive ingredients that I keep in the pantry or refrigerator/freezer on a regular basis. I don't want to have to buy a bunch of ingredients that I will only use in a single recipe, and then the rest will waste. If I was more organized, I would find more recipes to use those ingredients up, but I don't. Cooking is usually not my favorite thing to do(although I do like it in spells), so I like to keep it quick and easy. I tell you all of that just so you get an idea of whether or not YOU would like this cookbook. I honestly believe that there are PLENTY of people that would greatly enjoy it!

I really want to experiment with some of the recipes throughout Farm Fresh Southern Cooking: Straight from the Garden to Your Dinner Table and see how they will do with some substitutions. I've had pretty good luck with substitutions in the past, but I've also had horrible luck, too! I had a very difficult time trying to find recipes that I would even want to make. I kept running up on ingredients like peppercorns, wine, orange liqueur, sorghum syrup, and plenty of other things that I've either never heard of or just don't keep in my house. I know some of you are probably thinking I'm pretty sad right now! ;) Again, I like to keep things simple!

There's pictures throughout, but not with every recipe. A good bit of the pictures are simply pictures of vegetables or fruit as decoration for the pages. That's not a complaint! I very much liked the pictures.

Overall, I'd say if you like to experiment a good bit with your cooking, give this one a try. I am in no way trying to give this one a bad review! If I was more experimental, I'm guessing my thoughts would be way more excited about it. It has great reviews from what I've seen.

*Thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishers for my review copy in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Sounds good.
    But I'm definitely very visual and prefer books with tonnnns of pictures.

  2. I like the title and that sounds like a recipe book I'd like to take a peek at. However, I'm not big on extremely unique ingredients either for the same reason. (Although I do like to cook and I'm up for random experiments.)

    Glad to know of the book!

    1. Most recipes only have one or two unique ingredients(for me), so it's not TOO horribly bad. I really need to work on expanding our tastes around her!

  3. I also cook from my kitchen with the rare special ingredient (like whipping cream or rolls) needed. Looks nice, but I'm with you...basic!

    1. Oh, I love your recipes! I really "connect" with them. ;) I was actually raiding them just yesterday, and ended up making the snickerdoodle blondies again. Jonathan really likes them! It's rare I make a dessert without chocolate.