Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday's Fave Five #4

Friday's Fave Five is hosted by Living to Tell the Story. It's a great way for me to stay on the positive side, and remember both the big and little blessings in life.

I have to admit it's been a rough week. Very hard! I've learned that the negative things tend to rise above the positive in my mind. I did weed through the bad for some great positives, though! :) Even on bad weeks, I'm blessed beyond words!

1. Attending my Wednesday night Ladies' Class!

Since both boys are dealing with a stomach virus, Jonathan stayed at home with them while I went to church. It's been months since I've been able to attend the ladies' class. When the boys are well enough to go to church(rare this winter), I almost always have to stay with Firefly, either in his class or nearby. He's extremely clingy to his momma, and doesn't like me to leave him. I greatly enjoyed our Bible study Wednesday night. I've really missed it!

2. A "new" table.

It's new to us! :) My mother in law inherited her mom's table, so she passed hers on to us. We'd been using my grandmother's dining room set. As much as I loved the table, it was falling apart. It also came with no chairs, so we were using a set of chairs I bought at a yard sale. (got an awesome deal on them, by the way).

I just love them, but they are uncomfortable. (Very!) We barely used the table because of this. We're now using our new set a bit more now. Also, This table was delivered to us! Jonathan's family is SO great about helping out! They delivered the table and even took away a few things that were in our way. I'm so grateful for them!

3. Our table is CLEAN at the moment!

Because of the uncomfortable chairs and lack of use, our table pretty much ended up as a catch all. I hate that! Really do. I'm determined to keep this one cleaned off. So far, it's made Bible studying time so much better. I'd love to say that we now eat all our meals there, too, but that's a tough habit to break. I do plan to break it, though! I've been reading too much about the importance of table time to not make it a habit.

4. The blessing of a washer and dryer!

Weeks like this makes me incredibly grateful that I don't have to scrub our clothing and sheets by hand. There has been daily extra washing due to the stomach virus, and as much of a pain as it has been(especially in the middle of the night), it could be SO much worse.

5. Cuddles from the boys!

Sick babies=lots of extra cuddle time. I always hate when they're feeling bad, but I love cuddling with my little ones when they're actually peaceful(full of medicine), as opposed to wiggling around, and pulling my hair, and pinching me. ;)
I'm also really grateful for our bouncer! It's remained a part of our living room for the past 3 years. Grasshopper slept in it from the time he came home until he was about a year and a half. Sometimes when he needs a nap, he pulls the bouncer up to the couch, pulls on a blanket, and rocks himself to sleep. (No judgements here. Unless I can lay down with him(rare), if we just lay him down for a nap....tough luck). I've mentioned our sleeping habits need a bit of work. I did move him to a bed after the picture.

I just saw THIS POST last night after finishing my post, but I want to mention it. I can't even tell you how much I like it! Must read! :)


  1. A tough week indeed. I am also grateful for the ease of a washing machine AND dryer! We have a dining room, but eat at the kitchen table (it's bigger...the other is a tiny breakfast table). Doesn't a clean table make a big difference though??

    Little Sis outgrew the bouncy seat already because she was twisting in it. :) I was sad to get so little use out of it...even if it was secondhand.

    1. Firefly outgrew the bouncer really quick, too, but Grasshopper seems to use it like a security blanket. :)

      I hate that we've always eat in front of the TV. :P I've been trying to migrate to the table now, though.

  2. Good job pulling out the positives. I say that because I know how difficult that is to do. Actually, I was feeling lazy about doing it today! There ARE positives. There ARE blessings. And it's important to note them. I almost feel chastised. ;D

    Congrats on your new table! It looks really nice!

    I do hope your boys get to feeling better soon. Sickness really weighs a mommy down!

    1. Ha! :)

      Bless your heart! I hope things start moving more quickly for y'all. I can't imagine how bad my attitude would be if I was in your situation.

  3. Amen on washers and dryers.
    I can't imagine how hard it was to do this before them.
    I hope your family is feeling better soon.

  4. What a treat to attend your ladies group. Sounds like you find much encouragement there. One of my FFF's this week was my midweek ladies group too. :)

    I have bad sleep habits too. No judgement from me. I say, "Do what works."

    Your new table to is awesome. How fun to have a clean space for sit down meals and to do your quiet time.

    I prayed your week would include less laundry and more smiles for everyone.

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone on the bad sleeping habits! ;)

      Thank you so much for the prayer!

  5. I also meant to mention that I love your banner. That shelf is so inviting, colourful, and creative. I want to do that with my bookshelves once I am done decluttering the books.

    1. Thank you! :) I have to admit that the picture is on my desk, which is usually where I keep my "read the soonest" books. I moved them to put some of my favorite books for that picture. My last one ended up with some books I couldn't really recommend after reading, so I swapped it for this one.

  6. I thank God for my washer and dryer on a regular basis along with letting me be born in this day and age and not a pioneer! LOL.

    Hope all your little ones feel better soon. The evening out at Ladies study must have felt really nice.

  7. When I moved back to the US after many years in a third world country, I literally kissed my washing machine. Yup, they're a blessing!

    Loved that Huffington post! SO true.

    I hope your kiddos are feeling better now.