Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's Fave Five

Friday's Fave Five is hosted by Living to Tell the Story.

A couple of my favorite blogs have been doing this feature on Fridays, and I love reading their posts!! You may(or may not) remember that one of my goals for the new year was to be more positive. To help with that goal, I decided that doing this feature each week is something I NEED to do. It always feels better to focus on the rainbows of life. :)

1. I'm SO grateful for these beautiful flowers Jonathan got me on Tuesday! They really were unexpected! Best I remember, these are the first ones I've gotten since being married. In general, Jonathan knows that I'd rather have a rose bush or a flower to plant in the yard. BUT, I LOVE flowers! And, I LOVE getting them occasionally, so I am incredibly grateful that I have something else beautiful to look at for a few days. Flowers really do brighten my days!

2. We have new tires on our vehicle. I had a hard time finding the bright side of this situation at first, but I have. Last summer, when Jonathan totaled my beautiful BLUE Eclipse(from my single days-and, yes, I'm INCREDIBLY grateful that he survived that wreck!!!!), we bought a nicer family vehicle. In December, we had to have the transmission completely re-built. That was hard. Thankfully, Jonathan had a great deal of PTO built up, so he was able to use all of it. It just covered the cost of the work done. When taxes came in, we had the tires changed. While there, they discovered another problem with the front of the vehicle, which ended up in even more costly repairs. I'm grateful, though, because:

A-We HAVE a vehicle(2, actually), and that is a great BLESSING!!
B-We were blessed with money each time these repairs were needed!
C-Nobody was hurt due to these problems. I'm thankful that the problems were discovered in time!

So, as much as I was tempted to be mad(and I was for a few minutes), I'm thankful!

3. Amazon Vine-I can't even tell you how much we've been blessed by this program! We've ended up with diapers and training pants and SO many useful items. I am so grateful to God for blessing us with this opportunity.

4. I'm thankful that Grasshopper is able to go to preschool again. (For anyone new, he has therapy preschool 3 days a week for 2 1/2 hours a day). He's missed the past two weeks(except for one day) due to sickness at our house. We've suffered through fevers and coughing and boxes upon boxes of tissues. (Speaking of tissues, check out Annette's post. Awesome idea!) Jonathan and Firefly are still having a rough time, but half of us is mostly better. I'm thankful that prior to the past few months my immune system has been great. (Maybe the past few months is God's way of telling me to take better care of myself?! I'll take that as a blessing, too).

5. Free rugs! A month or two ago, I ended up buying a Step2 Play and Shade Patio Set from JCPenney(online). It had been marked down to $15, which was an awesome price. I ordered it with intentions of putting it back for a birthday present. Well, it ended up being a pricing error. JCPenney sent out as many of the sets as they could at the discounted price, but they just didn't have enough. They refunded my money AND sent me a $50 online gift card. How awesome is that?! We needed some rugs for our main bathroom and kitchen, so I was able to order 4 with the card. They were backordered until March, so it was unexpected when 3 of them arrived this week. Another wonderful blessing!

As an extra, let me say what a huge blessing reading Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books by Tony Reinke has been. I finished reading it Wednesday and I walked away pumped up for changes in my life! Awesome book! I'm trying to pull my thoughts together in hopes of convincing you this is a book you need to read.


  1. What a great post.
    Those are lovely flowers.
    Thank goodness the cars are working out.
    I want to be on Amazon Vine. Sounds awesome.
    Have a beautiful blessed weekend doll!

    1. Thank you, Juju!! You have a great weekend, too! :)

  2. WOAH that was a car-wreck INDEED!

    Beautiful flowers!

    And I'm laughing about Lit because I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT! I can't wait to hear your thoughts!!!

    1. SO glad you recommended it!! Otherwise, it would have went un-read, which have been horrible! ;)

  3. Oh dear I know the feeling - we just banged up our car and had to put 4 new tires on it as well. $$$ oh well!

    I'm going to look that book up - sounds interesting

    Happy weekend!

    1. WHY must vehicles COST so much?!! ;) Happy Weekend to you, too!

  4. Great list of faves!! and so thankful to God that no one was seriously hurt in that accident...WOW! Have a restful weekend!

    1. Me too! I wanted to cry when I saw the vehicle, but only because I was so grateful Jonathan was alive!

      I hope you have a great weekend, too! :)

  5. I am so glad you are joining in. Some weeks it is exactly what I need to focus on NOT me!

    Many blessings indeed. (I really want to read Lit!)

    What's Amazon Vine?

    1. You will love Lit!! I hope you get to read it!

      Here's a link to the details about Amazon Vine:

      I'd never heard of it before they e-mailed me.

  6. Whew, finally getting around to the fff's after a weekend away.

    I have heard so much about that book. It's going on my list for sure.

    That is quite the crash! Thank God no one was hurt. That's amazing. Glad that the funds for fixing up most of the replacement vehicle came in. I can totally relate. Our van seems to always be in the shop lately. It adds up fast!

    That would have been a cute patio set but that is great that JC Penny gave you what they did. That's a nice surprise for sure!