Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Top Ten Goals of 2012

I know this list will bore all of you out there AND I know my list is probably very similar to most New Year's lists out there. I wanted to make a formal list(that I will print out), so I can remind myself what I want to accomplish. Without it, I'm afraid I'll forget about it, like most other years.

1. Spend more time with God! As far as the Bible, I decided on the "30 Days New Testament" plan. I think the first month or two, I'm just going to read through and make notes of any questions I have. Then I'll look for commentaries at my church library to help with those questions. I also want to spend more quality time in prayer. I pray regularly, but nothing like I should be. My quality of prayer needs great improvement.

2. Get to church on time! (everywhere else, too, but especially church). It's hard! Every mother out there knows it's hard! Many times I'm trying to do it by myself, and it's discouraging and there's so many times I just want to lay down and cry, and just give up. It's disrespectful on so many levels, but especially to God, for me to walk in late. I do think sometimes when others are giving those dirty looks or passing judgements, though, that maybe they've forgotten just how hard it was! :) I want to make things easier, so it's not such a huge task trying to get to church. The next goal will help with this one.

3. Organization. This is something that we've been gradually working on through the past year. We've made tons of progress! I want to continue on this journey through 2012! My very sweet sister in law and brother in law recently gave us a 4 drawer filing cabinet(a dream come true!)and this will be a tremendous help with all the extra paperwork and future homeschooling stuff I've been collecting. I've also been gradually trying to create a cleaning schedule. I've divided our house and chores into sections, so there's never a BIG cleaning day. If I can keep up with this, then the house shouldn't get TOO out of control.

4. Menu planning. I really want to cook less processed food. This is much harder than it seems! It's so easy for us to pick up a box of macaroni or a box of Hamburger Helper(we cook it with soy scrambled "meat" in case you're wondering). There's always chips and cookies around here, too. I know if I can accomplish this goal, my next one will be easier to accomplish.

5. Get to a healthy weight! After losing all my pregnancy weight, I also lost 20 more pounds. I've gained most of that back, and it's just depressing! It really is. This is a really important goal for me!

6. Potty train Grasshopper. This subject could use it's own post! "sigh" Rough times!

7. More fun play with the boys. I want to do more crafts with them and simply PLAY and LAUGH more with them! I want to spend more quality time with them!

8. Less T.V. AND computer time. During my break I LEARNED to stay away from the computer a great deal more, and I enjoyed it. I felt more free and I got in LOTS more reading time. This week of "Top Ten" posts has taken forever, so I plan on getting back away from the computer after these! :)

9. More family time outings. Where I live, it takes a bit of planning for these things. There's not a whole lot going on without a good little drive. I do want to make more of an effort to PLAN fun(and thrifty) events for us.

10. Be more positive.
This sounds so simple, but it is SO. VERY. HARD! It's too easy to get negative and complain. I want to learn to see the glass half full way more often than not.

Overall, like everyone else out there, I just want to improve our quality of life this year. :)


  1. Typing one handed as usual...but I relate to most of these!

  2. Wasn't bored reading through this. Mostly because I identify with them so much myself and we have similar goals. I'll pray for you as you pursue these things, individually and collectively (because they all sort of tie in together in various ways.)

    ARE glasses half full? ;D (OK, ok, ok. I have to work on this too.)

  3. Annette-
    Bless your heart! (on the one handed thing)

    Thank you for the prayers! And I'm glad I didn't bore you to tears. ;)

    So funny! I sure haven't been seeing them lately! :P

  4. Awesome list!
    I feel ya on being more positive and losing weight.

  5. These are the type of posts I enjoy! (Not bored!) I feel like I could have written this!