Thursday, December 15, 2011

Looking for a Great Charity? Some Are Even Free!

I know that there's simply no way to help out each and every charity there is out there. If you're looking for a great one, though, I want to recommend Christian Relief Fund. They are a very reputable, caring organization! Sponsors or simply monetary gifts are always welcome! Year round!


If you'd like to help out for free, these are some "click to give" sites. You simply click on a button and advertisers donate to the charity. It doesn't take long! The best thing is, you can do this once EVERYDAY!

Click to Give Website


Feed the Poor

Stop Child Abuse

End Homelessness

Impact Kids Cancer


Care 2 Click to Give Website
-This one works the same way. I'll just send you to the main site and you can click on all the different charities. They include: children, rainforests, cancer, animals, and many more. You can also earn butterfly credits by clicking, commenting, doing the daily action, sending e-cards, and other ways. You can swap these credits for things that are needed by someone, like safe drinking water or cement for a cooking stove. There's all kinds of things. I really like this site and there's lots to explore! This site is just awesome! It's a game that for every right answer you get, you donate 10 grains of rice to help end hunger. It's not just a mindless game, though! It will really increase your vocabulary. Not only do you donate rice, but you get smarter in the process.

Provide food for dogs at
You answer a trivia question. Right or wrong, you still donate kibble.

Provide food for cats at


If you do couponing, you're probably like me and throw lots of them away after they expire. You may not know that those expired coupons are actually still good for 6 more months for military folks.

Coups For Troops
PO Box 147
Winnabow NC 28479

Just mail the expired coupons to that address, and they will be distributed. I don't remember where I got that address, so I'm just assuming that it's still good. I think there's lots of places you could mail them, though. Do a search if this interests you, and there might be a place close by that you wouldn't have to pay to mail them.

I think I'm going to make all these kinds of things a page, and then add to them as I go. There really are lots of things to do to help. Most of them really don't require much money, and they are all great things to help all year!

Feel free to leave any more "click to give" sites that you like!

I just realized this one is going up right after posting The Hidden Gift of Helping. I did NOT actually plan it that way! :)

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