Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Me and the Pumpkin Queen by Marlane Kennedy

Greenwillow Books; (July 28, 2009) 192 pages

This is one of those library book I apparently thought I couldn't leave behind. I think it was an attempt to hang on to the last of Fall. Doesn't that cover just look Fall-y? And, I've grown to think very highly of the Greenwillow Books label!

In Me and the Pumpkin Queen, we meet Mildred.

"There's a bunch of T-shirts with sparkly words on them: Princess, Spoiled, Sweet. I see an orange one with the word Pumpkin in a fancy lettering and grab it. Not only does it catch my attention for obvious reasons, but Mama used to call me Pumpkin. She didn't care for the name Mildred either, even though that is what she named me. She named me Mildred 'cause my grandma, her mother-in-law, never cared for her when she first married Daddy, and that bothered her something awful. Mama thought if she named me after her, Grandma would like her more. Mama was very smart. It worked. Grandma was nearly as brokenhearted as Daddy and I were when Mama died."

It really ended up being a cute book! It's about Mildred's adventures in grieving the loss of her mother and simply growing up. I don't recommend this book for boys, by the way. There's nothing bad at all about it, but I don't think little boys need to be reading about how a girl feels about getting her first bra. ;)

Ever since Mildred's mother died, she's been trying to grow giant pumpkins. Me and the Pumpkin Queen tells of her 4th year of raising pumpkins. I was really surprised that I seemed to be holding my breath waiting to see the outcome of the pumpkins.

If you're looking for a really sweet, quick, light read, Me and the Pumpkin Queen is definitely a good choice!!

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