Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Top Ten Books That Caught My Attention in October

I know this is a day late, but time just got away with me!! This month has flown!

The Aviary by Kathleen O'Dell

I love birds!! I'm scared of hummingbirds, only because they're so terribly fast and I'm scared they're going to fly right into my eye. Otherwise, I absolutely adore birds! I desperately want to read this book! :)

The Apothecary by Maile Meloy

I don't know how much this one has to do with birds(The Aviary, either, for that matter), but there's those birds on the front. It's my second most wanted book this month, right underneath The Aviary.

Crinkleroot's Guide to Knowing the Birds by Jim Arnosky(really, though, any of them!!)

Have you ever seen a book featured at another blog and suddenly decided it HAD to be a part of your book collection? Hopefully, I'm not the only one! Amy @ Hope is the Word featured the Crinkleroot tree book and with the combination of the title, the picture on the front and her high praise, I suddenly decided that I needed all the Crinkleroot books on my shelf!! I checked out the one Jim Arnosky book that my library had(review soon) and I loved it. I really hope to get these books in the next few years for homeschooling aides!

The Secret Lives of Backyard Bugs: Discover Amazing Butterflies, Moths, Spiders, Dragonflies, and Other Insects! by Judy Burris and Wayne Richards

My Grasshopper has developed a huge fascination with bugs, and we're trying to feed that curiosity. I remembered seeing this book featured by Carrie @ Reading to Know awhile back, so I put it on my wishlist. This might end up as a Christmas gift, because that's only 2 short months away. We always shop for sales early to put back for Christmas, but end up giving the boys their stuff early. So as of right now, we don't have any Christmas shopping done. :)

The 13 Clocks by James Thurber

Another book featured by Carrie. She described it as weird. You know I HAVE to read this one!!

Get Wisdom! by Ruth Younts

This one was featured by Annette @ Live, Learn, Love. I think it looks really cute AND beneficial!

Womanly Dominion: More Than A Gentle and Quiet Spirit by Mark Chanski

Has anybody read this one? What did you think? While it caught my attention, I'm not positive I want to give it my reading time. :P

Anything by Elisabeth Elliot

Anybody have a favorite of hers that you would recommend I start with?

The Backyard Homestead: Produce all the food you need on just a quarter acre! by Carleen Madigan

I strongly believe in the power of reading(obviously). I've always been one to cook and eat processed food entirely too much. I was recently reading a book that opened my eyes on just how unhealthy that habit is. Well, I knew, but not to the extent that I do now. I'm trying really hard to cook better and healthier for my family, so this book really appeals to me!
While we have a decent sized yard(not huge! but more than if we lived in the city), it's "hilly", so there's not a huge amount of gardening space. I'd love to make better use of the space we do have, though! This book seems to feature raising and living off animals, too, but we have no plans whatsoever of raising animals other than our dogs and the cat that decided it wanted to live in our woods. :)

Made from Scratch: Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life by Jenna Woginrich

This is another one along the lines of the previous book. I think this one is a memoir. I've said in the past that I didn't like memoirs, but after loving one that I read recently, I realized that if the subject matter is REALLY something I'm interested in, I enjoy memoirs more than I realized. I'm actually reading one at the moment. While I have mixed feelings about it, I have been reading through it quite quickly and enjoying it.

What books caught your attention this month?


  1. LOVE Crinkleroot.

    And ooooh, the Backyard Homestead sounds very, very interesting!

    I can't believe you want to read The 13 Clocks. =P

  2. Juju-
    I might end up buying this one, which is rare!!

    LOL....I'm VERY curious about The 13 Clocks! If my library had it, I would have already read through it! :)