Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Have you saw the new White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms? Until I saw THIS post at Angel Foods Kitchen, I hadn't. I don't walk up and down the candy aisle unless I have a specific reason. The last thing I need is even more sugar. But, I did see this post, so I couldn't resist! We just made our regular chocolate chip cookie recipe and added the M&Ms in place of the chocolate chips, like April suggested. Next time I'll use her recipe, though, because I don't love mine!

I would show you a picture of my finished cookies, but, I won't lie, they're not pretty! Not at all. (They were good, though). I still remember volunteering to make cookies at my church's VBS one year. I'm still embarassed about those cookies. I should have just went and bought some pretty ones. I do like baking, but cookies are my hardest project when it comes to baking. Well, and bread! You should see my last attempt at bread. It ended up being a weird cross between a biscuit and bread. It actually tasted decent, though! :)

I won't say that the White Chocolate Candy Corn M&Ms are my favorite candy ever, but as something new, they were good. And, they're just a fun Fall treat!

I hope everyone is having fun today!! No trick or treating for us. I have two little boys getting over colds. Should I admit that dressing up two children in costumes and driving around for candy in the cold is not my idea of fun in the slightest kind of way? ;)


  1. They sound yummy.

    I need to try them. (Even though I dislike candy corn)

    Best place to trick or treat with sick kids would be the mall. (I would think - never actually put it to the test before) But I'm thinking it's indoors and temperature controlled.

    Happy Halloween :D

  2. It would be hard to go wrong with an M&M cookie-- no matter HOW it looked! ;D


  3. Juju-
    The closest mall from where we live is about 50-60 miles away. I do love living in a small country town, but shopping is definitely one of the disadvantages(or advantages, depending on how you look at it). :)

    Very true! I'm still embarrassed to show them off, though. ;)

  4. Have you ever tried candy corn and peanuts mixed together? It tastes almost like a Payday candy's a Fall tradition for the candy bowls at my mom's house :)

  5. Seriously, Candy Corn M&Ms?! YUM!!!!!!! I'll have to look for those tomorrow and maybe get some on clearance. ;-)