Monday, September 26, 2011

Easy Toy Story Birthday Party

Notice the word "easy". I don't think there is ever a 100% easy birthday party, but this one was on the easier side. :)

I'm not a fan of licensed characters. I've always been completely against decorating with them in any kind of way. With children, though, I've learned it's not about what I like, but what makes them happy. Grasshopper loves all things Toy Story. He's obsessed with it, so Toy Story was an obvious theme for this year's party.

This is a bit of what we did.

Birthday Banner:
We stapled a clothes line across the entryway and used clothes pins to hang the letters. The letters are made out of scrapbook paper. Then we just tied some balloons at each end. This picture was taken after the party, so most of the ceiling balloons and the streamer paper was gone in the background.

Balloon Ceiling:
This idea is thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest. There's lots of different pictures and ideas over there. We just used tape to stick the balloons and streamers on the ceiling. By the time I took the picture, some had already fell off. Some stayed on there until I took them down a couple of days later.

Birthday Wreath:
This idea came from Pinterest, too. Mine is the quick and easy version, though!!

Birthday Cake:
I couldn't pay $50-$60 for a birthday cake that would be gone in a matter of minutes. Mine doesn't look as good as what we could have bought, but Grasshopper loved it, and it was lots cheaper! And, it's something anybody could do. Very easy! The characters I used came with a book for $12. (Toy Story: My Busy Books-It's way cheaper at Wal-Mart-Amazon's is $25 right now) After the party, we just washed them and Grasshopper still has the book and toys to play with. Can't beat that!

For party favors, we did Moon Pies, since Buzz is a Space Ranger. Buzz is Grasshopper's favorite!

We did really simple food..........sandwiches cut out in a dinosaur shape and chips and dip. It would have been really cute if we could have found Toy Story cookie cutters for the sandwiches. We didn't find any, though. :(

I ended up not using these at the party, but they are so cute, I wanted to mention them anyway. These are hanging in Grasshopper's room now. We just printed them out, sized them a bit and framed them. I know all the picture centering tips and yet....there's my crooked hanging job. :) You can print them HERE.

And lastly, I'm simply going to brag on my very talented momma. She's really good at drawing and painting, so I asked her to paint a picture for Grasshopper's birthday. This is what she did.

This talent was NOT passed on to me, unfortunately. How I wish it was, though. I will brag on my daddy in a different post. He built Grasshopper an airplane shelf, and it's beautiful, too! Most of the furniture in our house has been built by my daddy. Most of the rest was passed down from grandparents. I think our beds, couches, and changing table are the only furniture we've bought. We're very thankful! :)

We're exhausted and both very sad and very thankful that it's over.


  1. I think you did a great job! And I really like your simplified cake version. (I love how you got so many ideas off of Pintrest!)

    Your mom has awesome talent and that's pretty much all that can be said about THAT!

    We have a birthday coming up and my brain is still spinning as to how I shall ultimately pull it off. =P