Saturday, July 23, 2011

Prince Caspian by C. S. Lewis

Chronicles of Narnia Reading Challenge

Well, I wasn't as fond of this book as I was of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. I was very vaguely familiar with this one, but not as much as I anticipated. I saw the newest movie version of it, but apparently didn't remember much. I didn't recognize most of what happened throughout this story.

While I did enjoy it, I'm actually expecting this one to be my least favorite in the series. We'll see, though.

I just loved all the lessons scattered throughout the book. I guess more than the other lessons, I favoured the parenting "tips."

"Up until now King Miraz had been talking in the tiresome way that some grown-ups have, which makes it quite clear that they are not really interested in what you are saying, but now he suddenly gave Prince Caspian a sharp look."

"...and though(being a prince) he had wonderful toys which would do almost anything but talk, he liked best the last hour of the day when the toys had all been put back in their cupboards and Nurse would tell him stories."

This was probably my favorite part of the whole book!

"He was far bigger than the ordinary dumb squirrels which he had sometimes seen in the castle gardens; indeed he was nearly the size of a terrier and the moment you looked in his face you saw that he could talk. Indeed the difficulty was to get him to stop talking, for, like all squirrels, he was a chatterer. He welcomed Caspian at once and asked if he would like a nut and Caspian said thanks, he would. But as Pattertwig went bounding away to fetch it, Trufflehunter whispered in Caspian's ear, "Don't look. Look the other way. It's very bad manners among squirrels to watch anyone going to his store or to look as if you wanted to know where it was."

So funny! I actually laughed while reading this part. (Some of you probably see my childish humor shining through right now)! :)

And then there's Reepicheep. That little mouse has already won my heart!

""There are twelve of us, Sire," he said with a dashing and graceful bow, "and I place all the resources of my people unreservedly at your Majesty's disposal." Caspian tried hard (and successfully) not to laugh, but he couldn't help thinking that Reepicheep and all his people could very easily be put in a washing basket and carried home on one's back."

""What on Earth?" said Doctor Cornelius. "Has your majesty got grasshoppers-or mosquitoes-in your army?" Then after stooping down and peering carefully through his spectacles, he broke into a laugh. "By the Lion," he swore, "it's a mouse. Signior Mouse, I desire your better acquaitance. I am honored by meeting so valiant a beast.""

Sometimes a happy ending is best, but I'm not sure that I like what Aslan does for Reepicheep after his tail is cut off. I'm still pondering it, but I kind of wish that it happened different.

I'm very curious to find out about Aslan seeming bigger as children grow older. It seems backwards, so again, very curious!

The big disappointment I had with the book is when Peter calls Reepicheep a certain word that is not allowed around my house. It doesn't seem to be used in a Biblical way, so my husband and I consider it profanity. Although Jonathan doesn't care about books(other than in connection with my love of them), I sometimes discuss things I run across in my reading. So, we discussed this a bit, and he seemed as surprised as me that it was in there. I won't hold it too much against the series, but it did break my heart a bit that it was in there. I do have to consider that it was written in a different time period and all, so maybe it wasn't suppose to be such a bad word. (???) I know I'm making a big deal out of a word, but I'm weird. :) If I was reading regular young adult books, I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but I was just really surprised with it being a Christian series. But anyway!

I'm still very much enjoying my journey through Narnia!


  1. I didn't like Prince Caspian as much either. The newest movie version of it is very unlike the book (they added a lot more action and fighting). Reepicheep is my favorite, and I've also pondered the tail thing. I'm not sure about it either.

  2. I'm hoping to watch the movies. I haven't watched the Dawn Treader one yet. We'll see, though! :)