Monday, June 27, 2011

Forever After by Deborah Raney

Howard Books (June 14, 2011)416 pages

Description: (from Amazon)
A fire killed his best friend and his lifelong dream of being a firefighter. The same fire killed her husband and hopes for a family. Can new dreams replace old?
Lucas Vermontez was a proud firefighter like his father. Now, not only has he lost his father and his best friend, Zach, in the fire at the Grove Street homeless shelter, but the devoted rookie can no longer do the work he loves after being crippled in the tragic event. When friendship with his buddy’s beautiful widow turns into more, he wonders, what could he possibly offer Jenna? Jenna Morgan is trying to grieve her husband’s death like a proper widow, but the truth is, she never really loved Zach. His death feels more like a relief to her. But that relief is short-lived when she loses her home and the financial support of her in-laws. Now the secrets of her past threaten to destroy her future.

Can the two forget the painful past and discover new reasons to live and love?

My Review:

From what I can tell this book has the same characters as the first book in the series, but different ones are brought into the spotlight. I read it fine without reading the first one. I never felt lost.

I very much enjoyed reading Forever After. It was sad at times, but also very sweet. I liked reading about how different characters were moving on and finding new loves and happiness. While I don't ever LIKE reading about someone losing a loved one, I do enjoy the bittersweet happiness that can come afterwards.

Jenna and Zach's relationship was written very well. Deborah created a "real" romance. Things didn't go perfectly and they had to work at their relationship. Zach even tells Jenna that she is a brat at one point and then they work through it. They were both very real characters with flaws like the rest of us.

There's only two things I didn't really like about the story. I would have liked a bit more resolution concerning Jenna and her in-laws. Of course, that may show up somehow in the next book. {?} I also felt sorry for Zach, Jenna's husband that died in the fire. He was completely in love with Jenna, and she never loved him, and mentions this at different times. I know that most likely happens in real life, but I still would think after ten years of marriage, there had to be some kind of love there, especially when he treated her good. I just can't imagine.

But again, I really enjoyed reading Forever After and I definitely recommend it if you like Christian romance!! I'm very much looking forward to reading the next book in the series.

*I was provided a review copy from GRPR in exchange for my honest opinion.

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