Friday, May 20, 2011

Amish Prayers by Beverly Lewis

Bethany House (April 5, 2011)139 pages

My Review:
As the title says, this is a book of Amish Prayers. I found it to be a great devotional-type book. I'm not one who memorizes or recites prayers. I think they should come from the heart. I like reading them, though, because they give me ideas about things that I should be praying about, but haven't thought about.
Although I love reading about the Amish, I don't share most of their beliefs. I do admire their simplicity and their desire to please the Lord. I think that desire shines throughout this book!
The prayers are divided into sections, and have a Bible verse after each prayer. There's also pencil-type sketches throughout the book. I think it would make a wonderful gift! It's also simply a great addition to YOUR own library, too. ;)

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*Thanks to Jim Hart at Bethany House for my review copy! This review is my honest opinion.

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