Sunday, April 10, 2011

Breath of Angel by Karyn Henley (The Angeleon Circle- Book 1)

WaterBrook Press (June 21, 2011)272 pages

The stranger’s cloak had fallen back, and with it, a long, white, blood-stained wing.

When Melaia, a young priestess, witnesses the gruesome murder of a stranger in the temple courtyard, age-old legends recited in song suddenly come to life. She discovers wings on the stranger, and the murderer takes the shape of both a hawk and a man.

Angels. Shape-shifters. Myths and stories—until now.

Melaia finds herself in the middle of a blood feud between two immortal brothers who destroyed the stairway to heaven, stranding angels in the earthly realm. When Melaia becomes a target, she finds refuge with a band of angels attempting to restore the stairway. But the restoration is impossible without settling an ancient debt—the “breath of angel, blood of man,” a payment that involves Melaia’s heart, soul, and destiny.

My Review:
I'm a huge fan of clean young adult paranormal books! I just love them!! The "clean" part is what makes them hard to find. I'm very much impressed by Karyn Henley's writing. This is only the 2nd book I've read on the subject of angels, but I found it very unique and very much unpredictible. And clean! Even though Breath of Angel is labeled as Christian, it had no Christian elements to it, so it can be enjoyed by everyone. The angels in this story are just as unreal as werewolves and vampires.

I immediately got caught up in the story and couldn't wait to find out what happened. While the story does have an ending, this is a series that will conclude as it continues. There's definitely a cliff hanger, but it's not so bad that you will be mad. :)I don't know when the next one comes out, but I hate that I don't already have it in my hands.

I mentioned earlier that this book is unpredictable. I don't mind predictable stories one bit, and I thought I had this one figured out pretty quick. Nope! I kept getting surprised over and over. So, for those of you who like surprises in your stories, this is a book for you.

There are a lot of characters mentioned throughout the story. If you don't pay close attention, you might get a bit lost with all of them. I don't want to really say anything about the characters, though, because you should definitely figure out for yourself who is "good or bad." If you like young adult paranormal books AT ALL, I highly recommend Breath of Angel!

*I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. I read YA Paranormal too. I bet I would really enjoy this one.

  2. I enjoyed it very much!! I did forget to mention that this one really doesn't have a whole lot of romance going on...some, but not a lot. I expect that to change as the series continues, though.
    I like romance in my stories, but I still loved this one.