Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hollywood Nobody by Lisa Samson

NavPress (August 24, 2007) 224 pages

Scotty Dawn has all the freedom a fifteen-year-old girl could want. As she and her mom, Charley, travel to movie sets for Charley's work, Scotty's allowed to go anywhere and be anything. But there are costs to such a life. Scotty doesn't know who she is, where she comes from, or who to trust. And who is the mysterious man they've been running from? Does he hold the clue to Charley's big secret?
Scotty writes in her Hollywood Nobody blog, and the answers she finds are darker than she had expected. Will she discover who she can trust and finally make sense of her world?

My Review:
Most of you who read my blog know that I love reading young adult books. Even though I'm almost 30, I'm still a kid at heart. :) That said, reading this particular book just made me feel old. I know all the young people reading this are thinking, "Well, you are!" ;)
It wasn't my favorite YA book I've read, but it was cute. I like that Samson created such a unique character out of Scotty. It was fun reading about her obsession with cheese and having to be sneaky to eat it around her vegan mother. In many ways this seemed like a book most appropriate for the tween age group, even though the main character is almost 16. BUT, in other ways it seemed a little too old for that age group. There's mention of some of the characters doing drugs and sleeping around. The main character does not approve of this behavior, though.
There's also a bit of a mystery that develops more towards the end. I anticipate there to be lots more to come about this mystery in the following books in this series. Overall, it was cute, but I think whether or not you like it will depend on how mature you like your books.(And I don't mean adult content mature)!

Parental Concerns:

Christian Beliefs
I expect more on this section in the rest of the series, but Scotty doesn't really have any Christian beliefs in this book. There is some scenes involving tent meetings and Penecostal beliefs.

Authority Figures
I really would have liked to have seen a stronger mother figure out of Charley. She wasn't the best, but I guess she's trying.

Language/ Violence
There's none that I have a problem with(in books for this age anyway), but I do remember the word, "Shoot" being in there. I wanted to include it for the pickier ones. No offense!! Remember, we're ALL picky about something!! ;)(Just to clarify, if that word was in my 2 year old's book, I'd be picky, too)!!

Other Beliefs

There's mention of characters kissing and sleeping around, but there's nothing more than a peck on the forehead or cheek for the main character.

There's mention of some of the characters doing drugs.

Scotty does lie to her mom a few times and then she's also constantly sneaking cheese when she isn't suppose to.


  1. I was stunned when my daughter started saying "oh gosh"...(though I do say gosh)...then I realized she learned it from Mickey Mouse!

    Shoot...yep, depends on the age. I suppose one of these days my daughter will learn it from me.

  2. you know the blog reading to know? She writes great reviews too!

  3. too!! While I'm known for having "as far from a potty mouth" as possible, I do have a couple of slang words, and yes, "Shoot" is one of them. I'm working on it. :) It's usually under my breath, but I still hope my little boy doesn't pick it up. And through my pregnancy, our dog has suddenly got on my last nerve and I call him, "stupid dog." I know that's horrible, but I'm trying hard to rid our house of that word with such little ones. It's funny how we, or I anyway, seem to be more protective of words with really young children. :)

    The only reason I included that word, though, was because I saw on a blog recently where all words in the slang category was considered profanity. I don't, by the way, but I didn't want anybody to look at one of my "clean reviews" and then see a word they considered a cuss word. :S

    And I read Carrie's blog all the time, too. I especially love her young adult book reviews. She really digs deep for her reviews!! It puts me to shame!

  4. I finished this book today, and I hope the Christian content picks up in the rest of the series. I thought Scotty's fascination with cheese was cute, but it did get a little annoying after awhile.

    I was also very surprised at Charley's lack of involvement in Scotty's least, that's how I perceived it. Considering she's so protective of her, she never had a clue about all the things that Scotty was doing online (i.e. the satellite service, the secret credit card, etc.). I just don't think that sets a good example to teens that may read this series.

  5. I agree. I didn't like the lack of involvement from Charley, either. I must have totally looked over the credit card part. :S I don't remember it.
    I've always thought these young adult books are a great lesson on how NOT to be a parent. :) But that means the characters usually aren't good examples, either.