Friday, January 7, 2011

Speech Flash Cards

My son’s speech therapist felt that most of his books were too busy the first time she came to test him. I plan on finding him some simpler ones whenever I get the chance to go to a thrift store, but in the meantime I decided to make him some flash cards. (I did the first set after her first visit). I got one of those cheap 4x6 photo albums. Mine only cost a dollar. Then I searched around until I found some cards I liked, and printed those off. I got mine HERE.

I just put them in the photo album, and my little boy now has a very simple photo book.

A few days ago, the ST came back for her second visit, and I got the results of his testing. He is now 27 months old, but his speech comprehension is only a 10 month old level, and his actual speech is a 13 month old level. That worries me, but we’ll catch up!!! My speech projects will be extremely simple since we’re at such a low level.
She suggested I separate out the flash cards I did a bit, so that the colors varied more on each two page set. For example, don’t put two red pictures in the same set.
She also showed me some clothing flash cards she had that had some texture to them. I decided to try to make these.

All I did was cut four pieces of cardstock in half. (one per card) Then I drew an outline of a shirt, pair of pants, a sock, and a shoe, and cut it out with my scrap booking knife. Then I glued a piece of cloth on the back of the cutout, and finally glued the whole card behind the cloth.
(As you can see I only put one of the sock and shoe, but I added an “s” to the words. I wasn’t thinking).

I’m hoping to try these with animals, too, and use different types of textures. I’ll post that if it ends up looking decent.
She also wants me to show him the actual item or toy that matches the pictures to help him start making a connection.

The good news is he’s added a few words or sounds to his vocabulary. He’s saying “momma” again, but he’s not saying “daddy” as much. It’s still there, though. I’m really proud that he’s saying “cracker“!! I feel like that one is his biggest accomplishment yet. Today, for the first time, he said it by himself when he wanted another cracker as opposed to imitating me. Yah!! We’ve also got “meow” a few times.

Live, Learn, Love has great speech ideas!! Definitely check out her blog! Annette has been working with speech related projects a lot longer than me. And I just love her crafts anyway. :) Her blog is where I got the idea for Mr. Potato Head to help my little boy learn body parts. Awesome idea!


  1. Those homemade cards are great! I'm sure your little boy will love learning with those.

    BTW I very much love your new background :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  2. I hope so. He's awful picky, though. :) Well, I guess I should say he has a very short attention span.

    Thank you! I always hunt for blue roses for my background, but I don't like the couple I've found. I fell in love with these flowers, though. :)

  3. What a fabulous little book!! Thank you for the link, too.

    Someday I would like to do a series of posts about speech...for now I'll just enjoy reading yours!!

  4. Do you know the Spot books? Very clean and simple. Also ABC books and posters might be good. You can even cut up a printable poster...for free. I linked to some free ones at this post.