Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain

EgmontUSA (November 23, 2010) 400 pages

This paranormal teen romance centers around a strange and terrible event in the Divine family history. Grace's brother, Jude, was discovered passed out in a pool of blood the very same night that his best friend, Daniel, went away. Three years later, and Daniel has come back, leaving Grace both confused and curious. When she discovers the horrifying truth, Grace has to make a decision that will risk everything. Filled with religious overtones and page-turning events, there's much to fascinate readers here.

My Review:
This was an awesome book!! I highly suggest that you DO NOT read reviews of this until you read it for yourself.
I’m saying that before you read my review, but I will be very vague. ;) You really have no clue what in the world is going on until close to the end, so it’s great getting to guess. I also suggest you make sure you start this book on a day you have no plans, because it’s extremely hard to put down!! Sorry for the vague review, but the less you know about this book going into it, the more fun you’ll have reading it and I really think you’ll like it better. Of course, I very much recommend this book. The story is pretty well centered around a Christian school and family, so that kept things pretty clean. It’s almost like an edgy Christian paranormal. But, if you don’t like Christian books, you’ll still like this one.

Parental Concerns:
This book was relatively clean. I’m putting it on my clean list, but PLEASE use that label with CAUTION! This is one that really depends on how strict you are with the clean factor. There are a few conversations with the “h” word and the “d” word, but for the most part the cussing is covered up with either being cut off by someone or simply saying someone cursed. There is minor violence. There’s an attempted rape, but it is in no way descriptive. There’s also the mention of child abuse, which is never minor, but as far as detail, there’s really none. I’ve seen worse in some of the “Christian” books I’ve read. So, overall, in completely my opinion, I’d say it’s 90% clean.

*****Update: I changed this to "on the fence." Even though I felt it was mostly clean, I couldn't in good conscience recommend it as clean. I like the books with that label to not have any worries going on. I tried to find a review of this book at some of the other "clean read" sites I know of, but couldn't find it anywhere. I still think it would very much be rated PG, but please use your own judgement. :)

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  1. I really loved this book, too. I'm going to post my Amazon review of it on the clean Y A blog I just started, because I considered it cleaner than most and the positive and realistic but nonpreachy portrayal of a Christian family was so good I could deal with the minor language issues-Can't wait for book three!Read the first chapter on Bree Despain's blog and I really want the reat of the book now. :)