Thursday, December 2, 2010

Speech Therapy??

I'm hoping someone can give me some recommendations. My little boy has just started speech therapy. He's just over 2(26 months) and he only says a few words. He actually saw his speech therapist today, and she suspects him to be about a year behind right now overall. (As far as size, even more) Let me give you a mental picture of my little munckin. He's 30 inches tall and only 19 pounds. I've enjoyed my "little" boy, but i do want him to catch up. :)
I would love to get him some speech therapy-like toys that are reasonably priced to work with him. I saw a velcro folder(book)? that had farm animals in it. Imagine a manila folder, except thicker. I SOOOOO want to get this for him. Not only would it be great for teaching words, but it's a great quiet toy for church. I've looked and can't seem to find one like it, though. Anybody know what I'm talking about?
Does anyone have any recommendations at all, and not just for the velcro book. I've been looking around today and found a few things, but some of you may have some better ideas.

And just for fun here's some things I want to get for him.

Junior Helper Cleaning Set

I know this won't necessariily help him with speech, but he's always getting in trouble for stealing my broom and running around with it. (Only because he has the potential to break windows and so many other possibilities) I would love to have his own cleaning set for when I'm cleaning. His future wife will definitely thank me, too. :)

Pretend and Play:Rise and Shine Breakfast

I just saw this today at Muse Reviews and it looks SOOO cute. It has very good reviews, too.

Smart Snacks Counting Cookies

He's not even close to counting, but it doesn't hurt to keep trying.

Stand and Play Rampway

My hubby already has this for him for Christmas. So he does have plenty of "manly" toys. :)
My main concern is finding him some quiet, educational toys, especially if it could promote speech.


  1. There are some books by Totline that have phonics with pictures and give you little lesson plans I use that with my daughter. I also make file folder games and such to use with my daughter as well as when my son was younger. I also made pecs cards and used those with my son. I had him try to say the word of what he wanted. Hope that helps.

  2. Thank you so much!! I've been over at your blog checking it out. :)(and now following)
    I will definitely look into all those ideas.

  3. My daughter went through speech therapy. She had chronic ear infections when she was a baby and that delayed her. The biggest recommendations that we got from the speech therapist was to constantly be talking to your child in a clear adult voice (no sing song or baby voices). And make them answer your questions, don't let them get away with pointing or gesturing. Question their wants like "You want this cookie? Cookie?" My daughter is now 9 and constantly get praised for being well spoken.

  4. I think the file folder games are a great idea! I haven't dealt with this personally so I can't give any wise advice. My kids liked listening to books on tape I think it helped develop their vocabulary.

  5. Play doh is a good one...whatever he can say have him touch the dough...muh, muh, muh as he taps, taps, taps it. I will think of more!

  6. I forgot to mention that you could make your own file folder game for animals. I used a calendar and purpose wasn't speech, but it could be!