Sunday, October 24, 2010

Naomi and Her Daughters by Walter Wangerin JR

Zondervan (August 17, 2010)288 pages

Description: (from Amazon)
*As you'll see in a moment, I don't agree with this description.

From master storyteller Walter Wangerin, Jr. comes this familiar biblical saga told in a fresh, transfixing way. You'll feel you've never heard it before! Melding historical accuracy with imaginative detail, Wangerin uses the biblical books of Judges and Ruth to explore themes of love, faith, grief and community set against a backdrop of war and political instability. The widow Naomi grieves the deaths of her two adult sons after the shocking murder of a beloved adopted daughter, while pondering her responsibilities toward her Moabite daughters-in-law. Ancient Israel is in chaos. When her daughter-in-law, Ruth, begs to return to Israel with Naomi, events are set in motion that will change the course of history. But wait...this isn't the tame, flannel graph story you heard in Sunday School. In the tradition of Anita Diamant's The Red Tent and Elissa Elliott's Eve: A Novel of the First Woman, Wangerin imbues his tale with strong female characters and an earthy realism that gives the timeless Old Testament narrative so much power. You'll find echoes of contemporary issues throughout: deceit, heartbreak, loss, war, and, of course, the power of love. Naomi's combined strength and tenderness becomes the pivot upon which a nation turns; her decisions ultimately lead to the founding of the family lineage of Jesus Christ. Breathtaking descriptions, shocking violence, and inspirational courage make this spellbinding novel by a beloved award-winning author a story you won't soon forget. It's the perfect novel for your book group, and a satisfying read for those who love thoughtful biblical fiction.

My Momma's Review:
*I want to note that my momma read this book and I somewhat interviewed her. Therefore, this review is written by me, but is mostly her thoughts and some of my own. She gave me a few passages to read to show me what she meant with her thoughts.

I'm shocked at this book!!!!!! The story of Ruth in the Bible is a beautiful love story and this has been turned into a perversion of God's Word. The author should have completely changed the names of the characters and not even had this book in connection to the Bible.

The characters in this book are not the same characters in the Bible. For instance, Naomi is a God-fearing woman in the Bible, but in this story she is portrayed as hateful and evil. My momma said the way the author portrays her reminded her of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Boaz was a good man, but he is portrayed as rebellious. Ruth is portrayed as slutty. The author makes everyone's lives full of misery.

The story goes back and forth so much that it is very confusing. Also, the book was just absolutely gross!!!! The scenes are extremely detailed. (birth, killing, war). The language is not that of a Christian book. It contains a couple of words of profanity and uses God's name in vain.

I've never given a book one star, until now. I don't recommend this book to anyone. I'm surprised that Zondervan even published it. I'm extremely disappointed.

*I recevied this book from Zondervan in exchange for my honest opinion.


  1. Wow, thanks for giving your honest review. I've done it and I know it can be hard. Unfortunately I don't think we can trust any of the publishing companies (and I suppose I shouldn't be saying that)...

  2. It is very hard!! I hated that of all the books I had for review, my momma ended up with this one. I think I scared her off. :)
    I guess I knew not to completely trust any of the publishing companies, but I was still surprised with this one. Unfortunately, I trusted it enough to think I was giving her a good, Christian book.
    This book does have otherwise good reviews that I've noticed, so some people may not have the issues with it that we did. ?????