Monday, August 9, 2010

Faith in Action: 7-Day Challenge: Day 1-Do Something For God

Don't forget about the Faith in Action 7-Day Challenge that started today.
Today's challenge is to do something for God(showing our love for Him). Here are a few ideas:

I found this Read Through the New Testament in 30 days reading plan. Click Here for plan. I think this is great! Imagine what we could learn if we read through the New Testament EVERY month.
You can even click on the plan and it will take you to the books, chapters, and verses of the New Testament. Sometimes it may be easier to read the verses of the day straight from your computer.
There's also other plans, including a 90 day plan.
Mom's Toolbox has a 90 day reading schedule for the whole Bible.

I think we show love for God when we take care of His creations. This could include visiting the sick, elderly, those in the nursing homes.
My mom "sits" with a lady in an assisted living home. They love puzzles and books! And just a listening ear. I think God is happy when we love and care for each other.
I know that this idea gets somewhat into Day 7, but I think showing our love for God has such a vast area of ministry! :)

Start a prayer journal or a blessings journal. Sometimes writing our thoughts and prayers down helps bring us closer to God. And later, you can look back at those prayers, and see just how much God has blessed you.

Pick the areas in your life that you struggle with the most and start a devotional book on that subject. For me, it's being a Godly wife and mother! I do struggle many times!

These are just a few ideas. Have fun! :)


  1. What a great idea. I struggle, too, with being a godly wife and mom sometimes. I'm so thankful for God's grace that helps us to change into who He wants us to be, even though I have so far to go.

  2. I know ! Me too! I read Proverbs 31, and think I'm not even close to that. :) God is very patient with me, though.