Sunday, July 18, 2010

Does The Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions? by Randy Alcorn

This isn’t really a review, exactly.
I had never heard birth control and abortion used in the same sentence up until a couple of weeks ago. And I will admit, I was thinking to myself, “That is crazy!!!” I try to keep an open mind, though, so I did some research. I’ve been shocked at the information I have found. I am also shocked that this is the first I’ve heard about it.
I’m going to include some links to a few websites.

Click Here to read Randy Alcorn's book. I didn't read through this entire book, so I'm not saying I agree with everything. I think in book form it's around 80 pages. I hate the picture at the top of the website. I think that could have been done more tastefully!

Click Here for a quick video. I'd actually recommmend watching this first. It gives you the basics in a few minutes.

Another website I found after all this info. I think this is a Catholic website. It has some useful information. (Planned parenthood options, other than birth control).

There's tons more websites that I've found searching if you want to study further. Most of them give you information in a much more readable version for those of you who don't want to read Randy's whole book.

*I am not trying to push an opinion on anyone!!! This is simply for those of you, like me, that would have loved to know this information. If anybody has any other websites to include or info, please feel free to include them. :)

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  1. Even among pro-life physicians this is a topic of controversy. I found this statement:

    So I guess it all comes down to allowing the Spirit to lead.