Monday, June 14, 2010

My Review: A Passion Redeemed by Julie Lessman

Revell(September 1, 2008)
Graced with physical beauty, though shallow of heart, Charity O'Connor is a woman who knows what she wants. She sets her sights on the cantankerous Mitch Dennehy, editor at the Irish Times, who has unwittingly stolen her heart. And although the sparks are there, Mitch refuses to fan the coals of a potential relationship with his ex-fiancee's sister. But Charity has a plan to turn up the heat and she always gets what she wants--one way or another. Is revenge so sweet after all? Or will Charity get burned?

My Review:
As I wrote in my A Passion Most Pure review, I was a little worried that I disliked Charity and A Passion Redeemed was mostly about her. The more I read, the less I thought I would end up liking Charity, but she redeemed herself. I will admit, I ended up liking her so much that I cried during a couple of scenes, because I hurt for her. Julie created characters so realistic, it’s like I know them and they have became a part of my life. I love it when I read books like that!
Charity has once again taught me not to judge a person by their actions. Rigan even taught me this. As much as I dislike his character, one scene even made me feel sorry for him. I believe behind (almost)every “bad” person, there’s another. Sometimes I forget that, though, and start make bad judgements about a person.
I do have to say, I still liked the first one better. I love Faith’s and Collin’s characters, and I was very happy that their story continued in this book.
I don’t think that I even need to say that I highly recommend this book also. I can’t wait to read about Beth and Brady in A Passion Denied!

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