Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Review: Hot by Laura L. Smith

Navpress(May 15, 2010)176 Pages
Description: (from Christianbook.com)
Lindsey feels alone, like no one truly understands her. That is, until she meets Noah, who possesses a calm self-confidence that Lindsey craves. But what price will she pay to escape to the comfort of Noah's soft words and strong arms?
This novel uses the power of story to challenge teens to discover the relevance of faith. Young adults will identify with Lindsey's feelings of insecurity and uncertainty. Promoting a personal trust in God, this story awakens the imagination through personal discovery, dynamic characters, and unexpected plot twists.

My Review:
While this book is fairly short and the ending is abrupt, it has so much useful information in it. I think that not only high school students, but also anyone that’s single could greatly benefit from this book. I even recommend it for parents, because it’s always nice to have a refresher course on what it’s like to be a teenager.
This book covers the difficultly of staying pure in a relationship. It’s hard for everyone, even Christians. Even if you’ve lost your virginity, you can still rededicate yourself. God forgives and loves you no matter what. It addresses the emotional aspects of before and after losing one’s virginity.
This book shows the importance of keeping God in your life, and the importance of family and having your parents around.
It shows staying pure is a firm decision that needs to be made before dating is even thought about. If that decision is not made, there’s no way a person will stay pure. It will be entirely too easy. With that decision made, a couple can make sure they are not in a situation that would even allow anything to happen.
This book also addresses the issue of dancing. Here is an excerpt from the book about this issue:
“Linds, you look so sexy, and you go dancing like that, and you expect me to keep me hands off you?” He ruffles his hair. “This isn’t easy.”
I think this is a great book for a family to read and discuss! There’s so many underlying messages that can be taken away from reading it.

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  1. Great review. I totally agree that its all about protecting and setting up boundaries before even dating. I think about this a lot even though my kids are little how to help them maintain purity.

  2. Yes, it is. I didn't grow up in the church so I'm learning this as I go along.