Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tithe by Holly Black

McElderry(March 23, 2004)Young Adult Fiction
Kaye is the main character. She seems to take care of her mother, who is in a band and very immature, to a great degree. At the beginning of the story, they move to Kaye’s grandmother’s house. Kaye ends up meeting a Faerie Knight, and saves his life, resulting in the gift of answers to any 3 questions she wants to ask him. She stumbles upon the answer to a very important question, which ultimately saves her life. (We all know the main character lives, so that’s not a spoiler).
She eventually learns from some childhood friends that she is to give her life as a Tithe. There are many secrets and discoveries along the way from there.
Holly Black wrote the Spiderwick Chronicles. I have never read the book, but watched the movie, so I thought this series would be family friendly. I was shocked. There was lots of cussing, drug use, sexual content(not detailed, but implied and referenced to ), violence and deaths, skipping school, disrespect of parents and the grandmother involved. The story was ok, but I was extremely disappointed! I will admit I sometimes expect more from the "popular" books that get great reviews. If all the "parental concerns" don't bother you, you will probably enjoy this book, but it's hard for me to ignore those things.

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